X45 Machine Torch 'Trigger' Wiring Help

I previously had my Lotos LTP5500D and hand torch working with my Pro but decided to upgrade(?) to the machine torch I have linked below. It advertises being plug and play but does not fire. It currently has 4 pins: 2x for cup detect/torch protect and 2x for pilot arc.

Opening up the torch, there is a blue and a yellow wire that has continuity between them- I’m assuming it’s the trigger wire, but I can’t figure out how to wire it to the control since the hand torch only had continuity when the trigger was depressed.


Have you had any luck with the torch seller getting your torch working?

Not yet. They told me they’d get back to me but haven’t called yet

Well if they don’t get back to you. Get a ohm meter ready, the hand torch and machine torch and call me, I will see if I can get it pined out were it need to be.

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Appreciate the offer sir. I got a hold of the guy- he had me check for continuity between these pins:

  • 1 (pilot arc) & center
  • 1 (pilot arc) & 4 (other pilot arc)
  • 8 & 9 (Cup detect)

All had continuity. Additionally, I tried bumping up the PSI and using a new set of consumables. He said he had the same torch on the same machine working so he was stumped, and that we may just have to exchange the thing.

Was there anything else you’d recommend checking?

My pin out for the Lotos 5500 may be wrong but this is what I have.

Pins #1 and #4 are cup or safety and should be hooked to the cup pins or jumped.

Pins #8 and #9 are the pilot arc wires.

Latest update:

I sent the torch back and they found that there was a manufacturing defect that was causing the spring rate of the part that the electrode contacts to be off during blow back (hope I’m explaining that right.) They are sending me a new one.

Did you get the replacement?
Is it now working as advertised?
Is it worth the expense?

Now that I have more hands on, I was hoping to sharpen my cut skills with the torch exchange as you’ve done…