X45 CNC torch's are here

The X45 CNC machine torch’s are here if anyone would like to know They will be $355 + shipping for Langmuir people.

Also I have a few hand torch’s and all the consumables for hand cutting, gouging and extended.


Are the consumables the same as the razorweld x45?

There is (2) X45 torch’s that Razorweld used on their plasma cutters. This is the latest X45 CNC torch.

I’ve been running my Pro table and Cut45 with X45 torch for almost 2 weeks now and will be ordering some replacement tips soon, as I have been cutting .250 steel to break it in. I’m wondering if I get a machine torch, what the smallest tip size would be available for it? And, what is the actual tip size for the X45 torch and replacements you sell? Also, in your opinion, what are the advantages of hooking up a machine torch to the Razorweld? Would it be a better investment to get a hypertherm for fine cut tips? as I really only want a smaller tip size for finer detailed cuts when I get to some thinner material, hence the machine torch question…

Thanks in advance

The machine torch just makes thing a little better as you can set it up square to the table. You can change out consumables with out removing the torch and the weight of the torch is vertical not horizontal.

There is no smaller tip sizes for the X45 torch’s.


What size tips are available for the machine torch that you sell for the RazorWeld CUT 45? I know you supplied me with a number of tips when I bought the machine torch for my RazorWeld from you.

First I sell 3 torch’s for the Razorweld 45. That all depends on what torch you have. The X45 torch’s only have one cutting tip. The PTM60 torch has different sizes 20, 30 ,40 and 50 amp.

I guess by deduction I must have the PTM60. Anyone that wants multiple tip sizes available for their machine torch should get the PTM60 machine torch from you.

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This has been discussed on here multiple times.

Yes if you want to have a choice in consumable sizes the PTM60 torch would be the choice.

But a lot of people don’t want to change out tip sizes so they opt for the one size fits all like the X45 torch’s use.

Just ordered 10 replacement tips from your store.

Thanks for your time and info mechanic416

Direct swap and plug in play with the Razorweld X45 machine that was shipped with the Crossfire Pro or will there be additionally wiring needed?

Just plug it in to the plasma cutter.

Perfect. I’ll take one. Let me know how to pay.

You need to send me a email so I can send you a paypal invoice.

Email sent.

Where can I purchase one?

Just got mine delivered. It is awesome. I would highly suggest buying one of these. George is great and shipped it out super fast. Best price you will find too. Thanks George!

Same here! It was a bit longer than I expected, haha. But fits and works great.

Just wanted to jump on this one and say these are worth it. Not only the customer service from George but it seems to just cut so much better and also a big plus that you dont have to remove the entire torch to change consumables. Quick to swap between sizes and check wear. I wish I bought it when I first got the machine, what I’ve lost in scrapped parts would have more then paid for it.

One problem I did have and it might be isolated to just me, I could not get it to cut straight from left to right and there is not much adjustment on the left to right on the machine. Front and back you can play with the bearings. I was cutting 3/8" steel so its more noticeable. In the end I machined a few thousands off the straight part of the machine torch mount so it had some slop in the groove on the holder. I was then able to manually tilt the holder before tightening up the retaining plate. I played around with it cutting a few squares until i was happy. Swirl ring was in the right way, gantry was level, water tray was level.

I now keep the original x45 torch near the machine with a drag shield on so I can hook it up and cut the skeleton waste off my sheets, or cut sheets down if I need to.

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Tried to send an email to George but my mail said it’s “Not Recognized” after a copy/paste so I hand typed it in making sure it was correct and still the same error. Want/Need to order but unable to make contact.