X,Y,Z no movnment Crossfire Pro

Im 100% new, everything is built. Windows 7 computer. using F360 and Firecontrol. Tried to run the break-in. Nothing moves, cant jog anything. Saw on here where the silver box may be broken. Removed the cover and the LED light is not on. From what I can see everything is wired and in place.


ok…lets go through a few things and try to get you set up.
are you running a PC or a laptop?
what plasma cutter are you using?

Now when you open fire control are these buttons lit up?
you should see this…

if you followed the setup instructions it asked you to make sure the chipset is properly set in the circuit board…was that done?
if you have the cover off the black Langmuir box on the side of the table…you say there are no lights on…is the red switch at the bottom of the box lit up?

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running a laptop, using the plasma that came with the table Razorweld Cut45.

Height Control says - LS-THC (v1.10)
Machine says - CrossFire (v1.2ls)

I dont recall seeing “chipset”
Red light is on.

the laptop…remember can not be plugged in unless you use a ground isolation adaptor.

all your stepper motors are plugged …


Looks like I had it set on 220v. Needed to be on 110v. It’s moving now. I can’t thank you enough. I will keep messing with it and see how far I can get.

now that you are going…I would recommend you do some searching using the magnifying glass on the top right of the forum…
that is how I found the quote I posted above…I typed no movement…or…not jogging…

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I will start, today was my first forum posting. I do appreciate the help.

Toolboy, you’re a good guy. Always have time to help. All the people are great!


Thank you to all in this thread! We couldn’t figure out why there was no jogging and you all took care of that for us. It was the 220/110 situation. Thank you also for recommending the search spot on this page. Much appreciated!

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