X coupling screw size

What size are the coupling screws. Sure would be nice if these machines had soft stops to keep from the hard hit when zeroing and having to tightening screw heads and wearing them out.

When you tighten those screws make sure the screw itself is falling into a groove on the rod. Turn the drive rod back and forth untill you feel the set screw dropping down in and tighten the heck out of it.
A little lock-tight will help it stay there.

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M4x12mm You can use longer ones.

Thanks bud thats all i needed to know.

And you can use green loc-tite after you’ve got it tightened in place and checked out that everything is working right. Green is wicking so it can go on after you’ve assembled the joint unlike blue or red that needs to be on before mating the screw and nut.

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