X-axis won’t move properly

Whenever I try to move the x axis it either feels like it skips or just doesn’t move I’m not sure if it has to do with the lead nut or if the carriage isn’t square, all I know is it isn’t working how it should.

Need more info,
This a brand new table?
Did you put it together
Has it ever worked correctly?
Do you check things for square?
Have you checked to see if the couplers are slipping?
Have you searched the forum for other people that have had this trouble?
Did you go back and check the Assembly instructions?

Make sure you didn’t install a Y axis lead screw bearing mount on the X axis. They are different sizes.


It’s a brand new table that I’ve just assembled. I’ve also checked and it’s not slipping where the connector is. I’m thinking that it is either not squared up or the lead nut is broke.

@BrockO …I would advise you to repsond with as much information as possible…we all want to help…but the more information the better…

When someone asks for clarification it is to help…when you reply with limited response we can not help solve the issue at hand…

Also…videos really help…

How would I send a video

Do you mean the lead nut? Or something else. I think I’ll try switching the lead nuts

No. The red bearing mount at the end of the lead screw. They are different sizes for the X and Y axis.


The lead screws seem to be level with the tubing so I don’t think it is that

Another question I have is should the motors be able to be back driven when off? Also switching the lead nuts didn’t do anything except make the y axis act strange

What do you mean by off? If you mean the electronics enclosure powered off, then yes, they can be back driven easily. They need power in order to hold their position.

The x axis will not backdrive no matter what

I’m not sure if it’s faulty or if it’s too tight or something

The X and Y lead screws are different sizes. The X is 1/2" and the Y is 3/8". You can’t switch them.

Make sure the X axis lead nut bracket is 90 degrees to the X rail. Put some light oil on the lead screws.


The lead nuts look like the plastic on the inside is scraped off a bit is that normal?

I think that the l bracket for the x axis lead nut is uneven which somewhat stripped the lead nut

I think this may be the problem

I’m almost certain this is the issue, mainly because without those bolts tightened it moves fine