X axis stalling off home position (solved)

Machine will stall or indicate a hard stop off of the home position. X axis moves smooth a silk. Every morning this will happen first thing. If I move the x axis back and forth manually it will work all day.
If the high power driver will work let me know? I can’t get a video till tomorrow.
Machine is not binding at all to cause this hard stop problem.

Thanks for the post. A video here showing both CutControl and the machine will be extremely valuable to solve this.

I’ll get it out to you in the am.

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Hey @Bigdaddy2166, i press each homing switch a few times during each startup to wake up the dust bunnies and I also run a 5 minute warmup cycle to cover the entire foot print of the base. Since I have been doing this I have had not so many issues with a similar thing.


I try that also. It worked fine for a month . Now all of a sudden it starts. I’m ordering the high power controllers for the remaining axis.
I already have one on the Z axis and no problems.
I sure Mike and his crew can fix me up.
Other than that, I’m happy as hell with the performance. All my projects come out great with tolerances well within my expectations.

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Have you been lubricating the ball nut regularly?
Step 19 of the assembly guide the video says to lubricant the ball screws weekly when used daily.

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Ill try it in the morning. Your talking about installing the grease zerks ?

The zerk fitting are for the liner bearings for the ball screws it was just said to wipe lithium grease on the exposed screw then run the axis back and forth which should work the grease into the ball nut. Indicating this should be a weekly maintenance item when used daily.

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Ok I’ll try that also. Thanks for your help :+1:

While i dont have one just wondering if your shop is cold in the mornings and maybe the lubricant that is there might be just stiff enough to cause issues until you get it moving.

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70 degrees most days. Heater went out over the weekend and it got down to 50F. Installed new one yesterday. But its been acting up for a week or so. I’ll try the grease tomorrow after I send Langmuir Mike my video. Never sent a video over the forum. I’m guessing its pretty straight forward.

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Problem solved. Lithium grease on the lead screws… Thanks for all your help, Everyone…
I must have missed that part of the assembly and maintenance video.


question: is there such a thing as too much lithium grease? can I just spray the ways and screws with a light dusting of grease once a week?

I just put some on with a solder brush.

Only so much of it will get past the wipers and you’ll just have excess build-up outside the bearing. So too much in terms of you having to clean it up…yes, but it won’t hurt anything.

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