X axis motor stops and hums durring break in

Assembled the system and having problems with X axis while running break in program. Program appeared to run fine the first time then I noticed the x axis not moving but it was tracking on the DRO as if it were moving. I checked the couplers and the alignment of everything and nothing is binding. The X axis will jog perfect manually. It tracks properly and will always return to zero manually. The problem is when running the break in program it seems to lock up the motor randomly. Some times it will move a inch or so before locking up. The motor just hums like it is trying to go both directions at the same time. Also, sometimes when the break in program finishes, the x axis ends up on the opposite side of the table from where it started, but the DRO still registers it at location zero. No torch connected. Any ideas?

mine is doing the same thing did you solve this?

the screws on the connectors are a lil too long so if you screwed then into the control box it could be that the connector backed out of the port enough to loose connectivity and give you erratic behavior. unplug the connector and re-insert it without screwing it back in. should fit snug anyways and try it again.

there should be different screws included for those connectors, you swap out the original ones for shorter ones. i dont know when they started putting them in the connectors

Gary, I think it is fixed. I do believe it is in the db9 connectors as mentioned by nicaDd and Teknic above. I had found this problem several days ago but was waiting until I could test it more before I posted. I have ran the break in program many times now and it hasn’t missed a beat. I also loaded another program with a simple part design and it ran well too. I have not installed the torch yet, so only dry runs so far.

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Thank you. I do believe that is the problem. Seems to be working ok now.

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