X Axis Locking up during jogging and automatic

Hey guys looking for some help here…

I’ve had issues with the x axis locking up since I got the machine about a month ago . I had to get cuts done right away at the time I installed it and the only way It would work is with the X axis lead nut mounting bolts completely loose . I’ve squared the mounting tab for the x axis nut various times with no luck . As soon as I tighten the x axis leading nut mounting bolts it locks up completely . Now even with mounting bolts loose it locks up . I have to pull back on the white plastic part and pull the spring in to get it to move while jogging . Does this sound like a defective part or what can I do to get this x axis to move smoothly .


Mine was a combination of the lead nut bracket being out of square and needing oil on the leadscrew. I know Langmuir had some supply issues with the lead nuts, where some were too tight. Contact support and maybe they will send you out a new one.


I had an issue like that the wire harness was loose and started getting damage from arcing in the connection. Switched out to z harness fixed issue but didn’t last long. Langmuir sent a new motor and port with different shorter screws to hold connections tighter. Haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Check wire ports for signs of arcing

Oh forgot to mention mine would jog randomly in both directions but was telling it to go only the one direction I’ll know more in a week or so

I also have had issues with my machine randomly locking… it eventually snapped the lead screw where the collar attaches to the motor.

Langmuir were amazing with their after sales support. Sent a new lead screw straight away. Installed the new lead screw and it seemed to fix the issue.

BUT ! I have noticed it is randomly getting jammed again !! I need to do a few checks and hopefully it does not end in a snapped lead screw again.

before you pout in your screws…do your gantries roll real easy…can you gently push them with your baby finger…

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I would need to remove the lead screws to test that. I have checked the gantry for square and it is spot on. Dead square.

If I have time I will remove lead screws to test how freely everything moves.

Are you suggesting It should all move freely?

yup…gantry should roll easily but not be sloppy loose…

that way you know you are not to tight on your bearings


Thank you Sir,

Will perform this check

I’ve got the same issue. Every time I tighten the lead screw mount the x axis won’t move. If loose it seems to move fine but the lead screw wobbles then. Been working on this for a couple days now. is there a fix for this?

you have over loaded your bearings on the gantry most likely…
do a search for Ganrty and bearings…you will find instructions to reset them