X-axis arrived damaged

Howdy folks!

Loved my original Langmuir table and pre-ordered the Pro. It was due to arrive in June or July (I can’t recall). Ended up being a month or so late and we had started a big vacation in our RV. Anyhow I’m just now getting around to assembling it and everything was going perfectly until I mounted the X-axis and began tramming it. My X-axis tube has what I would consider to be manufacturing defects and isn’t truly square in a ~6" section. This causes the cutter head to not only get super tight then super loose no matter how it’s adjusted, but causes a significant wobble.

I’ve written in to Langmuir regarding it and hope to hear back soon, just wanted to see if anyone else had come across a similar problem, and what the easiest course of action was (hopefully that answer is to simply receive a replacement from them).

Looking forward to getting this table up and going to get back to building!