WTB: SMW Modvise Kit

I’m interested in one or two of these if anyone here has switched vise systems. I’d also consider just buying the fixture plate from anyone who upgraded to the full SMW baseplate.

I sold my vises, but I do have these parts left over. Make me an offer if you are interested.
What you see is what you get. Both of these are the end without the locating pins.

Thanks for the offer. I may get back to you once I figured out my real direction here (I’m also considering making my own pallets). Do you have the square tapered washers that go with those adjustable ends?

Maybe I will look. Just let me know. I’ll put them back in the drawer for now.

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Are these the 1/4" vises? I might be interested.

They are the standard SMW vise jaws that langmuir sells. All I have is whats in the picture. Both are the side without the location pins. They are great for someone who already has a SMW vise and wanted a second station.