Workshop showcase

Everyone’s workshop is setup differently, individual preferences, mission specific, space limitations, budget, etc. Here’s a topic created for members to showcase their workshops and shop machinery. This is not confined to Plasma Cutters, but workshop layouts, equipment, storage systems, electrical, air, PPE, etc just about anything workshop related. Lots of great configurations and ideas out there.
So, who’s gonna kick this off with some photos, ideas etc?

as the Crazy Canuck I am…this is the start…and early start for the shop…it will grow into something bigger…I hope…my “lodge”



No wonder you’re so concerned about moisture in your air supply! I would be too if that was my shop location!

OTOH, having a few beavers around when things get boring isn’t so bad… so I’ve been told.


From Parker to Motor Guard, they all have all their engineers pulling their hair out designing a custom dryer/filter for him! :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Actually, this is sort of cool. The other day I was working on a project that took full advantage of the workshop layout I came up with about 10 years ago. It was based on workflow.

My primary work is woodworking and the layout was based on that. Unfortunately I’m away from the shop so can’t show pics, but the basic idea is, you get raw material, stage it for use, rough it down to something workable, rough dimension width, put an edge on it, flatten it, make it parallel, shape it, trim it, sand it, etc.

So this project I mentioned, required edging, cuttting to width, shaping, and final dimension: Jointer, Table Saw, Router Table, Bandsaw, Jointer… etc.

I went through 30 iterations of cycling through those four machines and only had to walk clockwise the entire time. No wasted steps or moves, blast gates opened automatically as I turned on each machine, and it was almost like a dance. Except I can’t dance. Ask my wife…

Maybe someday I’ll get it posted if anyone’s interested…

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yes please…as an old wood worker myself…any shop is like eye candy

Mine is finally getting semi-organized. Historically, with many concurrent projects, basic physics is always triumphant “never can multiple things occupy the same space and time”, the result is always clutter as things get stacked and layered on the workbenches and machine surfaces turn to workbenches. It’s getting better now and as Tom said, being able to walk cyclically through the stages really helps.

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The beavers all ran off, he was trying to shave them… :laughing:

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Here is a project i’ve been involved with for the last year. Control interfacing and safety support systems and the actual 20,000lb nuclear isolation bunker door automation.
Lots of infrastructure hangers and odd fittings for the installation were run on the Crossfire from the time arrived. We’re in final stages now with completion and certification maybe next month. It’s a linear accelerator used in the nuclear treatment of cancer.


I klnow all about nuc-med equipment…heavy bastards…and the shielding in the walls ir freaking crazy!!!

Oh yeah! …I’ve got like 16" thick lead walls, ceiling and door going on. Fun project though. This is my second such, first one is right next to it and was built in 2002. We’ve got the engineers and riggers here wrenching on it. This one’s the new Varian True Beam and runs somewhere north of US$6M :rofl:

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Ok then here is the door to my shop


All I can say is “MERICA” !!!

Milling area has been readied (got some epoxy paint from an offshore rig) and set an anchor point to winch the mill from the garage to the shop via the kitchen and laundry. My line laser confirms it’s a straight shot through the three doorways thankfully!
Once the mill’s in the shop, I can inch it into final position with the cherry-picker .:nerd_face: :smile:


I still want to see that mill going through the kitchen…

Me too !!! Cletus is not sleeping well until that mill shows up. All 1500lbs of it.

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Will make sure I get pics! :rofl:

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Although I don’t have a Langmuir machine, I like following this group for great CNC plasma know how, tips, and tricks. Here’s a video of how I store and use my CNC router/plasma machine in my shop.



Wow! … Brilliant! :grinning:

Awesome! Very crafty…