Windows 10 upgrade question

Wanted to verify before I purchase windows 10, that I will no longer need to be connected to the internet at the table to run fire control like I do to manually install the windows 7 driver. I’m at a standstill In my assembly because i cant jog the table but I have no internet down in the shop. Thanks

Could you not just download the driver on a computer at the house, and move it to the shop computer via USB?

If I’m understand the instructions correctly I need it hooked to the crossfire while I do it. But… I have the same computer skills and the average 3 year old so who knows.

You should be able to copy the files from the pc at your house, to a USB drive. Take that to the computer in your shop, then follow the instructions given and when you get to the step to select the driver file, navigate to the file on the USB drive.

Step 1) Right click each of the links and select “save link as…” as I’ve shown in the screen shot above.
Step 2) You probably want to save the instructions to the USB as well, do the same thing as step 1, right click the link to the instructions and select save link as.
Step 3) Take USB to shop computer.
Step 4) Open up the instructions Windows7-8_ManualDriverInstall.pdf file on the shop computer, alternatively if you do not have a pdf reader installed print it on your home computer.
Step 5) If FireControl is running, exit it.
Step 6) Follow the instructions from the pdf, when you get to Step 9, browse to the USB drive and select the file from there
Step 7) Continue following the instructions
Step 8) Start FireControl and verify you can communicate with table.
Step 9) Assuming above works, exit FireControl and repeat to install the THC driver

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Thank you very much. I will give that a try