Will this power adapter be ok to use?

Anyone see a problem using this adapter with the MR-1?

MR1 has a 30amp plug not a 50 amp.

I may use this with my welder extension cord temporarily.

I see the difference now.

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If you go get a 50 amp plug from Home depot .You can put it on the end of the Langmuir spindle cord. This way you can use the 50amp recep you have in your shop.

Id just put the right socket in . Just 3 wires

Ill need the socket for my welder and the other i have for my plasma.I got till January so ill probably have another circuit ran for it.I was just thinking about different options mostly because i don’t know exactly where im putting it yet.

I have standardized on the Leviton 2621 30 Amp, 250 Volts plug/receptacle though my shop for welders, plasma cutters, table saw, etc - any of the 220V machines. I will either make a new cord or just cut the end off the MR-1 cord and put this plug on it so it’s standard to the shop. Its not like I am going to return the machine given I am 2000 miles away and across a border, I also have heavy “extension” cords so I can move 220V equipment around, not not planning to do that with the MR-1, but real handy with the welder.

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