Will Oct 1 changes to F-360 affect our ability to use it

Autodesk is limiting Free F-360 features
"On October 1, 2020, features in Fusion 360 for personal use will be changing, including limitations to the CAM workspace, electronics capacity, 2D documentation, and data management functionality.

Fusion 360 for personal use remains free for individuals working on home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects.

These changes are being made to allow us to scale, align intended usage with the various offerings, support advanced capabilities for Fusion 360 subscribers, and stay true to our guiding principles of making design tools available for everyone."
End Quote.

As a newbie learning the software before my table comes will any of the above have an effect on the way it is used with our projects?
Thank you

This was discussed pretty thoroughly in: Autodesk sucks removing translators from software

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Thank you for the direction >>>