Will not cut some of the piece


give it a try please let me know what you think.
This is christmas boy

we can not gibve it a try…it is not a file…
and I do not see it yet in Fireshare…

looks real nice though…

That is one @TinWhisperer did last year its on fireshare

Xmas 2022 24x16 boy and santa panel example Langmuir Forums TinWhisperer Example Live Stream From Twitch | FireShare | Langmuir Systems


I was going to say the same thing as Erik. You can trust the cut ready .nc file on fileshare. If your asking how he created the cut path it might be shown on videos in comment below the posting. It’s a tricky one to create a cut path but possible.

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@beaverboxco In the comments in the Fireshare someone shared that the files pierce delay is too short. Since we can not update our posts in Fireshare a added a link in the comment for the corrected version.

I’ll find and repost the expire video of designing that panel

@langmuir-reilly Why can t we update the posts in Fireshare ?


@beaverboxco Or you mean by “Will not cut some of the piece”

When you generate your own CAM in Fusion 360 that you get a warning that " some profiles discarded due to linking constraints"?

I reupload the twitch video of creating this on nov 20th 2022 to youtube.
( it’ll take a few minutes for youtube to finish the upload)


Totally agree that this is needed. I am reluctant to submit projects because of this lacking.


Same; actually deleted two projects for that reason.

Not sure the reasoning behind it, I’ll touch base with the team and see if we can get either a resolution or at least some info.