Why does this keep happening - SOLVED

Why does firecontrol not load the program on my zero piont?

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what cad program are you using to create your drawings?

Yeah, that will happen based on how your drawing is set up. If I change a setting in my drawing program affinity, it exports like that based on blank space and how big my document area was. I notice it when making the tool paths in sheetcam though, not when it hits firecontrol.

i believe it’s related to where on the plane the drawing is saved at in the given cad program. For instance, in inkscape, I always 0,0 my drawing to the bottom left corner before i save it, then i use the bottom left corner dot/circle when i import it into sheetcam.

Yes, that’s a better description. Hopefully he posts his workflow so we can help.

i use inkscape and sheetcam…holy crap!!, i just figured it out…thanks for all your input, every little bit helps… i have a lot to learn about feeds, speeds and what not.

                              Thanks : )

what was it?

it was a setting in sheetcam. the origin, under the job options tab. it had some random values in it instead of zero.

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Download FireControl 20.5 and use the Set Program Origin fucntion and you can snap it onto the four corners of your part.

That rapid you have away from the part was done when the part was made.

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