Why are letters misshaped after trace bit map?

pulled this ford logo off google, took it to inkscape and did trace bit map. what is happening to the letters that they get all misshaped? Am i doing something wrong? thanks Becky

This is a Hallmark of vectorizing images.

Depending on the resolution of the image there’s only so much information for the vectorizing algorithm has to work with so you left with distortion.

If you can find a higher resolution image with better contrast your results will get better and better.

Depending on what type of vectorizing algorithm ( inkscape example would be by brightness ) you’re working with the will change results too.

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when you do a trace to bitmap…it is not exact…it is pretty close…
you can play with the settings when you do it…but it will never be perfect.

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ok thanks, maybe i can pull it into lightroom and export it with more resolution?? I’ll try it and see if it works.

Good to know! thanks

Which Ford service sign images that?

Try to find the most crispy high resolution one you can on the internet first.

that is so nice thanks!!!

You can get just the ford logo part as an SVG on Wikimedia.

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thanks tom! I did find a little better pic and thought I could remove the “authorized Service” and replace it!

We made one of these Ford logos last year I have one in black and patina as well but I can’t find pictures.

@TomWS is right that Wikipedia is a good source for svgs a lot of the time.

Edit: found the rust Black version.


@TinWhisperer these are so cool! If you come across the pics of the black one I’d like to see it.
I think I like the bare metal one best! Looks like you use brass to connect them?
Joe would need a clear coat so it would not rust all over our garage.
I’ll have to take this out to the garage to show Joe!
WOW! that Black is AWESOME and would look so cool on our Garage!!! Thanks for sharing these!

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I forgot to add I will remember Wiki form now on. @TomWS

@TinWhisperer would it be alright with you if we changed to the black and rust? If not I understand and no hurt feelings! Thanks again for everyones help. Becky

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.”

Henry Ford.


Thanks! You guys are all so nice here!

A gloss black on flat black would look rad.

I would have never thought of that thanks!

It’s a Ford Logo will anything make it look better. I say that and I just bought a ford. What was I thinking :rofl:

WELCOME to the “found on road dead” group! AKA “FORD” ! and its better then a DODGE! :rofl:

ok i have a question about sheetcam. I have my ford sign made but sheetcam is telling me i dont have enough room for lead in. So i turned on show true width, it looks to me that it is cutting on the line, that is not what i want i want it to leave the line which i think is the problem. I know i read how to fix that but I can not find that info. can someone point me there?

Ford …First on race day.