Which wire to what pin

So I just bought my Razorcut45 locally, after finding out my new in the box Harbor Fright titanium did not come with the cnc ports. The new razor does, but I have to make a cable to tie it all together with the VIM box. So my first question is the thc kit came with a short “headphone” style cable and a red and black wires on the other end. I would like to use this cable and the razor supplied two pin connector, but I can not find any info on what wire goes on what pin for the divided voltage out cnc port. The other supplied longer cable came with both ends and I’m using that one from the vim to the enclosure.?

The second question is roughly similar, for the other cnc port for torch control. Using the pro kit supplied cable, headphone end into enclosure marked torch control. Then the other end is two wires, which I would like to solder into the razor supplied 2 pin connector pig tail. Does polarity matter on the torch control… Thanks

The trigger wires does not matter.

Now I have been told the THC wires are wrong. The black is positive and the red is negative. You can check them with a volt/ohm meter.

So you are saying with the torch firing, volt meter out the 2 pins on the front of the razor and see which side is positive and which side is negative? then wire the black wire to the positive side and vice versa. So its dc voltage coming off the cnc ports?

The polarity doesn’t matter on the torch firing wires. You are just closing a circuit with those wires.

The polarity does matter with the divided voltage and the black goes to the work clamp. I think mechanic416 was saying to test for continuity between the work clamp and the pins on the CNC port. Whatever pin shows continuity with the work clamp gets connected to the black wire.

For some reason, the raw voltage wires have the colors reversed, but you are not using those here.

if I am not mistaken they are not reversed…the material clamp is actually the (+ )and the torch is actually the (-).
that is why it is not referred as the ground clamp…

In the instructions for the THC installation, the divided voltage wire provided uses the black wire for the work clamp(positive). For the raw voltage wires, they use the red wire for the work clamp(positive).

Thanks all, but it appears you are assuming I’m using the raw voltage from the torch to input into the VIM, thats not the case. I have the 2pin cnc connections on the front of the razor 45. So my question is if its directly in front of me which pin left or right gets which which wire. The razor 45 came with two empty 2 pin twist on connectors that I need to solder my wires into and then the other end plugs into headphone jack port on the vim

Look in the plasma cutter manual it will tell you what port is for the torch/trigger and what port is for the THC. The port for the torch/trigger does not matter what wire goes were. On the THC port it should tell you one pin is positive and one pin is negative. The red wire will go to negative and the black wire will go to positive.

It does not matter if its RAV or DAV there is only 2 pins that is were the THC goes.

I understand and agree with you. To compound the problem the torch I bought is the lxc model which has the 2 cnc ports, but all the packaging and literature is for the lt model which is your non cnc unit. I have scoured their website, and other sources., and can not find that info. Fortunately their warehouse distribution center is just down the road from my home. I think I shoot them an email, and go from there to confirm

I think most people with the Razorweld have purchased them from Langmuir and used the plug and play connectors that came with it, so they don’t know which pin is negative or positive.

My suggestion was to assist you in identifying the positive pin by testing it with a multi-meter for continuity with the work clamp. Hook one probe of the multi meter to the work clamp and use the other probe to probe the two pin connectors on the machine. If one shows continuity, that is the positive pin and the black wire goes to that pin.


ds690 is right on with the VO meter test. That was going to be my next thing to tell you.

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Thanks all for your replies and helping the new guy out.