Where/What to cut for first cut

Ok…we have all software loaded…Inkscape, SheetCam and Firecontrol plus the post processor…

we followed a tutorial to make a horse in inkscape which was fun…but doesn’t show you what next… so we went up to Fireshare and downloaded an Air Tool Holder to desktop. it has a .dxf file inside of the folder…so does that mean we don’t do any sheetcam programming and just attach the machine to the table, open firecontrol and bring in this .dxf file to cut?

we also watched a Arclight tutorial on programming a tool and used the spreadsheet that was posted here to set 16gauge steel. so how can i skip that step in sheetcam to program the tool for this fireshare piece? or am i doing this wrong…

No you still need to use sheetcam to turn the Dxf file into a tap file for Firecontrol to be able to read the code. Sheetcam creates tool paths and post processes, meaning it makes g code to make the Crossfire move.

ok that makes sense, but i tried several ways to “bring” in that file and nothing happened…….

To bring the file into sheetcam?

ok figured out i have to change the suffix to find the file …now its in sheetcam…

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Good, if you want to import the Horse from inkscape just select svg files and it will call up your file.

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it was a really cool 3 part tutorial and then he said the next video would be importing to sheetcam and i guess sizing it…but no other videos…so i was bummed…but this part is in sheetcam now and I used the spreadsheet provided in the forum to set the tool for 16g. is there something else i have to do in sheetcam now? since the file was downloaded from firecontrol? I am just watching tutorials now so may find out…LOL…ohhhh you said the file needs to be changed too…

Go to YouTube and watch the tutorials for Sheetcam from Arclight dynamics. They will explain a lot. I literally watched the first two and I was up and running. But they have like 10 or so videos that get really into detail. I really recommend watching them before going any further.


For 16ga if you have the razorweld 45 I suggest running at 45amps and 200 ipm and 80psi. Works great for me.

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YES YES…I am on their first video!!! thank you for reassuring me!

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yes I will do that! there are a few settings filled in when I made the tool and some i took from spreadsheet…kerf .o26 feed rate 78.7402 (is this where you want me to set 200?) pierce delay .03, pierce height .1181, plunge rate 3.9 , cut height .0591 and pause was at 0

Set kerf at .0417 feed rate 200 pierce delay at .5 pierce height is OK plunge rate should be between 50 and 100 ipm cut height I have at .058 and no pause.

thank you…just want to get a proven piece cut and then get more in-depth with programming.

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Well good luck! I cut alot of 16 and 14ga and the settings are almost identical.

Really good stuff.
Can’t wait to see your first cuts!

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My first cuts were already created files, from Fireshare. TAP and DXF.
Need to master the file conversion and transfer process first. Then it gets a little easier. Repitition is key.

Yes I tried finding something that i can use that’s easy and on 16g but couldn’t find one…I put them in sheet cam but they looked weird and one got an error. I just need an easy shape to try.

I went with the basic F-Bomb opener and scaled down to 1/20 or 1/18 to make them more pocket friendly and they still work great. I used them as filler in small open spaces in sheetcam when I can. They make great conversation starters, and I pass them on as business samples to prospect customers. :wink:

Just gotta make sure you get the NOT screwed up one, that came with extra lead-ins and inside cut tool settings…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol…i think that was one of them i downloaded…LOL…i will look for the correct one…thanks for the heads up…i saw a few people using that as the sample… Lisa

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Lisa, download the one I fixed, works good…atleast noone has complained yet :goat:

f bomb