What's the PRO and CONS of sheetcam

What’s the PRO and CONS of sheetcam. It seen everybody keep talking about it (features). I like the idea of moving the leads and rotate/resize with messing with drawing.

I do pretty much everything on F360 and inkscape.

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My wife and I decided to move to sheetcam initially to have increased control over the CAM process. We were having issues with lead ins and out, piercings and inconsistent cuts in very detailed areas. The biggest issue we were having was cutting very small areas and getting fusion to cooperate. We also wanted to be able to nest several smaller pieces that we weren’t able to do in Fusion. We currently have rules to slow the CNC down in curves, select cut orders so the machine is moving away from us to be able to get at tip ups, selecting layers to cut in specific order etc.

In hind sight it was a good decision for us because we were then able to move away from fusion to solid edge.

Cons, cost of $130 if I remember correctly. It’s another program. There was a little learning curve but there are tons of videos online and the developer responded quickly with an issue we had.

For us, the cost was negligible with the increased control we have cutting complex art pieces and we really only saw and continue to see positives to using it.

I am anxious to see how sheetcam integrates with fire control and the Z axis of the Pro table, but I’m not expecting any issues.


I got it for the nesting, but have come to really like the control it gives you. It’s a pretty powerful tool and I don’t regret having it in the toolbox. It’s a little clunky in the interface in places, but it works. It takes some training - I spent a few hours watching some YT videos and playing with the demo. When I had my ‘ah ha’ moment, I shelled out for the license. I’d play with the demo as much as possible and see if it works for you - if it doesn’t you’re not out anything but some time.

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Its well worth the $160 IMHO

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Watched couple of videos in YT and played with it for little while and it’s a YES :smiley:. Thank for the feedback.

Another tool in my tools box, especially for those complex art work and production run.

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Please also check out our Post Processor instructions for SheetCAM and FireControl here: http://www.langmuirsystems.com/software/fusion#post-sheetcam

Question? you recommend adding additional height to the cutting height. How much we should add? (maybe 0.02) I normally cut 14ga, 16ga and 10ga or all depend on the material thickness? 3/8 and up doesn’t require any springback compensation?

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never answered?