What other software are you guys using besides fushion

What are some other software you guys are using besides fushion? The free version is terrible and alot is about to change with fushion. Just wondering before I buy a software I won’t like or not compatible with langmuir systems.

Deltacad,inkscape ,and sheetcam.

I use Inkscape for svg, I need software for cad! Do you use sheetcam!

What road blocks are you running into with the free version that is “not terrible” in the paid version?

What is about to change with fusion 360? Are these changes are going to effect your work flow somehow?

I am interested in the details.

You can dimension drawings in Inkscape as well .

Still waiting on my cnc , but I played several days with Fusion and gave up. I tried sheetcam and figured it out the same day, So I ordered sheetcam full version , and I use inkscape and free Qcam download .

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I am leaning towards sheetcam,thank you your input was helpful!

keep in mind sheetcam is only for post processing…no real design capabilities…

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FreeCad, Inkscape and Sheetcam.

Designing what? Engine blocks, sheet metal, wood cabinets?

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Mostly sheet metal

Freecad, SolidEdge2D, and a couple of others have good 2D capability, have special handling of sheetmetal bending, and are free. Freecad adds 3D and assembly features that are useful even if you mainly design sheetmetal

AutoCAD 2007


Lightburn , Sheetcam

LibreCAD and Sheetcam.

I like LibreCAD because it’s a 2D program. You don’t have to deal with all the extra features that AutoCAD or FreeCAD have.

i am currently on the wait list for an XR but i purchased a torchmate 2 table like 10 years ago and was immediately turned off on their proprietary design software. i came across a program called Turbocad and it was my go to software. They make very expensive software but their basic 2D program can be purchased for like $70. i currently use fusion360 and love it but i know it can be a little much for some people. i believe Turbocad has a CAM plugin as well that can be purchased separately but i dont know much about it and its compatibility because i never needed it.

estlcam isnt bad its free to use
and also deskproto it also has a free version

Since I have used a mac for years, I use a program called PowerCAD. (2D) to create 2D drawings and export to DXF; then use Sheetcam to create G code. (Sheetcam is PC only) I also use Inkscape on both the PC and the mac. I use what I already have…

LibreCAD and sheet cam seem to be the easiest to use on a PC.

I have been using Bobcad /cam ( have used it for CNC wood router for years ) for DXF file or to convert image to DXF, Sheet cam for post processing ., sheet cam very easy to use. Also Coral Draw for image design.

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I used inkscape to make it a SVG then i open it up in sheetcam to run the the post processer then cut it with fire control . Inkscape is free, the only thing you have pay for is sheetcam and fire control is also free.


stevesgun I use BobCad Cam too! V30. They are building a Post Processor for me right now. It may also work for your version too. I was laid up for awhile but have several programs to try out. I ran a test pro gram and did not have any problems. The real test will be when I run a full program. The settings are a little different but not hard to figure out.