What do I need to buy with a Hypertherm Powermax 65

After going back and forth for months while waiting on my Crossfire Pro with THC to ship I have finally decided to go with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 for a plasma cutter. Sure it costs a bunch more but you can never get back lost time so I think that the extra money will be well spent over the years.

I know that I need a machine with the CPC port and I will most likely get the machine torch because I have another multi function machine with a hand torch if I need it.

My questions are:

  1. Do I need to buy the Powermax with the remote option (box & cable)?
  2. Do I need the Hypertherem CPC cable from the Langmuir store?
  3. Do I need the machine torch mount from the Langmuir store or is the included mount sufficient?

I want to have everything here when I start assembly now that I have received notification of my first shipment. If there is anything else that you can recommend I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Get the cutter with the CPC port.
  2. I bought the setup from Langmuir for my 85
  3. And i would either get the torch mount from Langmuir or somewhere else which i think a couple of
    people on this forum make some just for that purpose.

Thanks for the quick response.

  1. I was planning on getting the one with the CPC port. I am trying to figure out what the remote trigger pendant does and if I need it. The Hypertherm site just says that it plugs into the CPC port.
  2. Thanks, I will order that now.
  3. I will probably just order it with the CPC cable. I certainly could make one but my time is better spent doing other things.

sr71jrt, how do you like the 85 and why did you go that big? I was planning on an Everlast 82i and even had my electrician run a 4ga circuit for it but I am not sure if I need that power or not. Then I decided to go for quality over amps and landed on the 65. Would the 85 do a better job on thinner materials like 1/8"-3/8"? I know that I would gain time with the higher duty cycle at lower amps but I am curious to know what other advantages there would be.

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No I dont think the 85 will cut any different than the 65 cause you will be using the same consumables. The 85 will just cut thicker material. Thats why i went with the 85. i knew that one day i would need to to cut thicker. And i Did. I have cut some 3/4 inch plate for use as anchor plates so i am glad i got the 85. the book only has settings for 45 amp, 65 amp, and 85 amp nozzles. oh yeah, fine cut nozzles too. I will always cut at 45, 65, or 85 depending on what thickness i am cutting. The nozzles are designed for what is says it is rated for, meaning, if it is a 45 amp nozzle, you cut at 45amps. No more, no less. And thats whether you are cutting 16 gage or i think up to 1/4 using the 45 nozzle. You fine tune your cuts by speed, and hypertherm has real good numbers in the book for that. You will love the 65

sr71jet, at this point besides some production pieces under 1/4" I only plan on making some attachments for my tractor and mini excavator so I can not see anything over 1/2" at this point but I think the 65 will do well up to 5/8" or 3/4" so I am not too concerned about running out of power. I will just have the electricians add one more 4ga to make that circuit 3 phase and it will be ready for my next VMC when I need it in a year or so.

So I am guessing that I do not need that remote trigger from Hypertherm then? I will get this ordered tomorrow. https://bakersgas.com/collections/hypertherm-plasma-cutters/products/hyperthermpowermax65machinesystemw-cpc25leads-083294 Please let me know if this one will be correct for the Crossfire Pro.

Thanks again,

Marc that machine will work, but be advised that that kit from bakersgass looks like it does not come with any consumables except maybe whats in the torch. There is of course and options tab to select other items with your order. Im sure you saw that. Its still a pretty good price even with the consumable kit which is the 65 amp kit. I would get some 45 amp consumables as well. you dont need the remote trigger IMHO

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I will look around a little more later tonight to see who might have some deals going. I will grab both the 45 and the 65 to be set for a little while.

Thank again,

Your Welcome

sr71jet, I have one more question. Are the 45 and 65 consumables interchangeable? I am assuming that they all fit the same torch but what parts are different per amperage? Is it just the electrode and nozzle ot the entire set up?

if you go and download the Powermax 65/85 Operators manual it will show you on page 3-12



You are the man but that leaves me with another question. Will I need the Ohmic-sensing
retaining cap to work with the Langmuir THC?

Nope. but i cant be for sure if it comes with the reg and the ohmic or not. I have both and it seams like it came with both.

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but my kit came with the hand and machine torch.

I am trying to look closely at a lot of others set ups and I am not seeing the cap with the sensor lead in them. I owe you a beer for all your help sir!

hey its no problem. thats what this forum is for. There are a lot of good people in here. When are you supposed to get your table?

Hey, did you say you were going to order the cpc cable from Langmuir

My first box is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. I have been waiting patiently. I ordered it on June 30th hoping for the September delivery but the world got a little more complicated. I am actually glad because if it arrived on time I most likely would have just got the Everlast plasma cutter and now I will be buying the Hypertherm.

ahh good deal. Well, if you do get the cpc cable, i would get it from Langmuir. it is already set up to plug into the THC box and the port on the main computer. plug and play.