What CAM software is everyone using on their Pro?

I’ve been debating on purchasing Sheetcam. I’ve been having issues creating tool paths with shared dfx files that I’ve got. In Fusion 360 I get constraint warnings on some files and Fusion can’t generate the whole tool path. It creates part of the path and skips some areas that need to be cut. Others have cut using the same dfx file with Sheetcam. Is Sheetcam worth buying or is there something I’m doing wrong in Fusion? Why is Sheetcam able to create a tool path but not Fusion?

I’m encountering the same thing…and wondering just that for myself!

Don’t debate, GET IT… it’ll save you alot of headaches. If you are only cutting artsie stuff like signs and such then go with inkscape and sheetcam. Fusion is overkill for stuff like that. Especially if you are downloading files pre-made files from say Etsy or plasma spider. Allot of those files are “dirty”, meaning you have to clean them up to make them cut decently. Allot of nodes or broken lines to clean up.

If you are making designs or parts from scratch then fusion would be a good option.


Thanks, I’m going to buy it!

Thought I’d mention Firecam from Langmuir is coming soon so maybe that’s an option as well…but not available today…I think it’s aimed at the sheetcam user???. Not sure - haven’t used it yet, but may be worth considering.

I use sheetcam, though - it’s pretty solid and recommend!

See post below from @langmuir-mike regarding cost, etc…

Edit 2: NM - I thought that post was for Firecam - but it is referring to LS is selling Sheetcam thru their store. Got my wires crossed!


I bought it and it’s much easier! I haven’t cut anything yet but I was able to create the tool paths with no issues.

@CadyRidah we’re actually going to start selling SheetCAM licenses in our store…look for an email about it tomorrow and a 10% coupon code!


Damn, I already bought it.