What brands sell plasma cutters with a CPC port?

We are looking to upgrade our plasma but do not want to go through the hassle of splicing and wiring a plasma cutter to our table.

So far the only brand I have found with a CPC port has been hypertherm

How much money you want to spend, Hypertherm is the best machine you can buy. Titanium 65 from Harborfrieght, Prime Weld 65, Everlast has a few … Do not buy any high frequency start plasma cutters they will destroy electronics.


The only machine the Langmuir CPC cable will work on is the Hypertherm.

Several other machines have CNC ports, but you will need to solder wires to make your own cable that plugs into the port

If you’re looking to “upgrade” in terms of cut quality, Hypertherm is the way to go.


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Sorry missed the part you don’t want to make wire harness. Hypertherm is only cable Langmuir offers besides the Razorweld, which I assume you want to get rid of.

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Yeah we just want plug and play.

appreciate it

I looked at razorweld, it looks like we the CPC port isnt on the 80 AMP machine though. Right now we are running a cutmaster 42 lol

Do the only the new SYNC versions have the CPC port?



At the bottom of this brochure you’ll see the model numbers for both the unit with and without the CPC port.

Normally any hypertherm that’s packaged with a machine torch is also packaged with a power supply that has a CPC port.


If your looking for a 80 amp plasma cutter then the Hypertherm 85 SYNC with the CPC and machine torch $4000 or the Everlast 82i CNC package $1300


That is definitely our second option, we just would prefer not to deal with wiring

Where is this 4000 dollar deal you speak of lol

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The 85 SYNC is much more comparable to the Everlast 102i. But even with that comparison it’s still half the money.

I did a post-working through all the dollars and cents math on this once I’ll see if I can find it.


What makes Hypertherm the top plasma cutter is because they used top of the line electrics and put out more cutting watts at the same amps as other plasma cutters in the field… But then you have to set back and wander why Hypertherm only has a 3 year warranty like most other plasma cutters. The reason is because Hypertherm was targeted as commercial units not for DYI users.


We’re using it commercially

Its been some time that I have priced out Hypertherm units. I see they have went way up in price the 85 cnc is now over 5 grand that’s more then the table will cost.


I’ll make you a cable for the Everlast machine I will only charge you $1,200. Will save you $2,500 and you won’t have to deal with the wiring. :wink: :rofl:

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Here’s the brochure that actually shows the machine torches.


If it was me I would start looking at these three model numbers.

@72Pony your such a nice guy to make him a great deal like that. :rofl:

Just don’t tell him about all the other wiring he has to do.

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