What are your plans with the MR-1?

Just curious how people plan to use their MR-1? Is anybody using it for a new/existing business? Hobby?

I would like to get into small drop production of a few ideas. EDC type stuff, maybe golf putters. But I have some serious learning to do first.

I have the crossfire pro plasma table and a 3D printer so I have some basic CNC experience.

What experience level are you?

My Dad served a 4 year apprenticeship as a lathe operator at the Navel Shipyard after WW2. He bought a Craftsman lathe many years later when I was still a kid. late Craftsman 12" Lathe

About 10 years later I bought an addition to the workshop. Added a power cross feed and was money well spent.

Dad passed away in ‘05. Neither of us had/have CNC knowledge. Just a novice shade tree mechanic who’s never been a fan of doing maintenance or repair but enjoy building and fabrication. I don’t believe in paying people for what I can do myself and have wanted to do prototype stuff but it was always too expensive or beyond my skill level. I’ve been seriously considering the purchase a large 3D printer. I think they can be a great compliment to a CNC mill.

Anyone been to one of these?


I’ve always been into robotics but have always been pretty weak with hardware. Hoping this will help me get over that hump. At this price point I really need to find a way to monetize it but I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet.

I did a year as a cnc operator which amounted to loading fixtures and swapping inserts. I did a 5 week machining class. My garage is littered with half built hobby economy machines. I dabble in fusion 360. I play around with 3d printers.


I am into prototyping. I’ve only done a couple of REALLY HUGE jobs and have no reoccurring income from this side business, so its mostly a hobby for me. I’ve been trying to find some repeat business but mostly its odds and ends that doesn’t pay well.

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