What am i missing?

This all looks good except the overlapping parts they still want to cut out! what step am i missing in inkscape? thanks!

that will not cut well…

you have a lot of fixing to do…

  • stay on outline view on sheetcm
  • select the horse…move it out of the picture…then see if it is an object or a path…make sure it is a path.
  • select the tree…pull it away…make sure it is a path…you need to do this with each part of the picture.
  • even you squares need to be path…
  • then bring one part back and place it where you want…then select the two parts …like the square and the innser square then go to Path and unioin…differance…find one that works for you…if you do not like what happens…it is just a single click od CTRL-Z to go back one step.
    then you need to add each part as a path to the main picture…
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thanks, HMMM, I did all you said to do and still end up with the same issue. I will go back and start over. :grinning:

Just when you think your getting it! I did not have them unioned!!! I would have bet on it!!! :rofl: this is what i have now. it ran through sheetcan and looked good. Well i think it did! :grinning:

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looking good…but the picture is not clear enough to see if the gable end door and windows have tabs in them…they might fall through…

other than that…By George I think you have it"

Right. @toolboy was on top of it and, as always, using a thousand words to make his point…

Sh*#*@#&$!,! :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:I completely forgot about that!:exploding_head: back to square one! and obviously I don’t got it! :joy::joy::joy:
I’m glad you mentioned it or I would have waisted a big piece of metal! Thanks

:joy::joy::joy: I need those thousand words! :joy::joy::joy:

And @toolboy needed to say them. A match made in heaven! Well, at least, you know… somewhere close to that…

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bahahahahaha true!

ok i do not think i need tabs, the black is the metal and white is cut out.
your thoughts?

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looks good…I might add a line down the middle of the gable end square…make it look like doors are there…but that is just my “artistic” side speaking…

I’d put a hoist beam with a bale of hay hanging from it. But that’s just my artistic side talking…


@toolboy @TomWS you guys just want me to work some more!
I just might take you both up on those ideas! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

Psst, @toolboy, I think they’re on to us!

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let’s go tag team someone else into total confusion …hehehehehehe

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:rofl: @toolboy @TomWS Thanks for your suggestions!
I’ll put you both to work! :rofl:
If i wanted to make changes to this do i have to ungroup it all and break apart?
I tried it and everything turned black.
do i just add to this as is and then union again?

I have found it best to save at different stages when making a sign in inkscape. The break apart function doesn’t always work how you think its going to.

As far as what your are missing.
I agree with @TomWS a derrick pole and some hay would be a nice touch. What is most concerning to me is that I also agree with @toolboy … :rofl: except I would add an “X” in the window above to match the doors below. It doesn’t need to be two doors above.
Also some birds in the trees.

Ill spend some time and try to think of some more things you can squeeze into that image. :wink:

Seriously I think it looks great!

You may want to also add a case of Beer , by the time you get done adding all the extra details your going to need it.


yes! please think real hard to come up with some! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was trying to add the X on the door above but i cant get to union/combine.
I may just have to start from scratch.