Well today is the Day

Lets see if the first batch of MR1 are going to ships today. I would like to sleep tonight…

Hey @Bigdaddy2166 hold your horses, my email said September 9th. And on top of that I am betting on one more delay announcement. They still have not uploaded all of the installation videos or the installation documentation or the user manual. I’m guessing they will not want to release any products without proper documentation and instructions. I hope I’m wrong!

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Bet your right…

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Careful fellas, that could be construed as criticism. I think someone mentioned they expected delays a couple weeks ago, and the response was… well… critical.

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I’m guessing round 2 folks will be delayed as well, since our original beginning time frame was this coming Monday haha. No matter though, a few more weeks means a few more weeks to organize the shop further!


I’m in the second round as well. Told myself from the beginning that as long as I could get it before the snow flies I’d be happy.

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So no one has a MR1 mill yet ???
i am looking out for one and i would to see one that is in use in some one’s home or work shop soon

Nope, none have been shipped. Today is supposedly the day they will start.

Looks like it’s gonna be a bit based on the email I just got. My date is now pushed back to late October/Early Nov, so I guess it will be a slightly early birthday present :grinning:

Mine too. Oct 17th. Not very happy right now.

It’s definitely a bit of a bummer and I’d probably be more bummed if it was supposed to ship out today for me. But to be honest, it calms my nerves about being an early adopter a little bit since they’re pushing it back to address problems. I’d definitely much rather have that than run into problems down the line and regret having jumped in an early group

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I feel this could be months late I don’t expect to see anything till end of Oct the earliest. I am in the second wave could be longer. I feel the same for the two carbon fiber LIDAR controlled 3D printers I bought even as they show photos loading it on the truck.

Hopefully just a head fake towards under promise over deliver strategy and you get a shipping notice Tuesday… or Wednesday… :crossed_fingers:

I wish they would ship what they have ready now. 1 week delivery to Chattanooga, 5 days for cement to cure, 3 days for epoxy to cure. I’d be weeks ahead.
I’m sure the spindle could be added after assembly.
Oh well.

Is that a bamboo X1 carbon?

I pre-ordered the persa XL about 20 seconds after it’s release November of last year. The expected delivery date at that time with the second quarter of 2022. Now we’re looking at the second or third quarter of 2023. One full year of a delay from the expected delivery date when I ordered and that’s from a company that is way bigger and more established than Langmuir Systems.
Langmuir has something like 25 employees? And Pursa has 700 employees.

I’m surprised langmuir can turn around these new projects as fast as they do.

And based on Langmuir s history and every other company that’s doing the pre-order thing right now almost all of them are misses their targeted delivery dates.

I still empathize with everybody, waiting sucks.


My two cents on the matter: They could have shipped out these machines and not told anyone about potential issues. Then later offer replacement or “upgrade” bearings as an add on.

But instead, they took the high road at their own expense to do the thing everyone would have eventually wanted them to do in the first place. (don’t get me started on Tormach)


Yes X1 Carbon I currently own a Method X and a CR-30 as well as the basic Ender 3. I order 2 bambu Labs X1 Carbon with the filament feeder. I would have ordered 5 of them if I had known they had that option according to them the backers 5000 plus units are on the boat as of Aug 24. They say should get a status within 40 days meaning end of this month.

I still might buy one of those Bambu 's. I watched a lot of videos on them and almost pulled the trigger with the kickstarter campaign.
There is quite a bit of revolutionary tech on that machine.

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It is full of great technology but I will see how well it pulls together the people who started the company came from DJI drone manufacturing. At least 100 engineers now work at Bambu. I was thinking about the Voron CoreXY but the Bambu came out right at the right time for me. The Voron CoreXY concerned me because it really looks like an open source hardware.

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