Welding Table Top - Plasma and Laser for your viewing pleasure!

Just wanted to share what was the cutting of a welding table top fixture found on Fireshare on my plasma table.

Full discretion - I had an issue that I allowed to occur as my Z axis was binding throughout the entire cut out of this table top. I didn’t realize it at first as I had my back turned from my table for the first minute or so.

Probably my longest cut yet -

All done -

A hole from one corner of the table -

And a hole from the opposite corner of the table -

I expected a bit of beveling, but this ain’t bad considering the situation I was in and everything being cut from the incorrect height. Looks like a problem for future me as I’m sure I’ll have to hand ream these holes.

Still not bad at all, and the steel was free anyway as I’ve been sitting on it for awhile.

Haven’t cleaned any of the slag off of it so ignore that, I just wiped it down with acetone -

Tolerances are “good enough”

I’ll cut the bracing that goes underneath when I score some more freebies.


Aren’t the holes supposed to be 2 inches apart? From that ruler, the holes get progressively closer. Does it assemble correctly with the underside slats?

“Close enough”

The ruler was just to show the top edge of the circle at one end across a short span to the top edge of another

Haven’t measured the holes center to center but yes, as a standard, fab tables have holes spaced 2" apart

My post states needing to cut the slats below :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@john_s Just for you, went to measure center to center and they are indeed 2" apart

Just a handful look a little off but that’s because of a slight edge to it not being perfectly round

I can always chamfer the holes after reaming them out if needed


I think it was just an optical allusion on the pic you posted with the ruler.

I’m interested to know how that works out for you. That’s one of my next projects. I have gone back and forth on which one to use… or make my own.

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The few oblong holes do that

I had only checked the holes if they were ‘aligned’ with each other but nothing more

When he mentioned the spacing, I figured I’d go check

I’ll definitely post back once I cut the undersides out; tomorrow I may cut one or two of the slats with the left over sheet just to test the small notches in the table

Part of me says I’ll have to make them smaller in Fusion to make up for the tiny bit of beveling so that they fit together

Even then, I don’t expect perfect fitment

If I wanted a legit table top, I’d go certiflat

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I saw these at Fab tech
build pro-also has a nice table both offered in 16MM and 28MM

Very nice stuff!!!

Due to all the lava rock buildup on the tops of my slats (Winter project to replace), I’ve seen what I would guess to be 1/2-5/8’ cut height on some straight cuts when I am trimming off used material using the straight cut program in Firecontrol (No THC).

I’ve been surprised by how well it cuts even when at 3 or 4 times the cut height I would have set if it was programmed.

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Lava rock :rofl:

Yeah no this was just truly a different situation

Actually, you might find that cleans up easier than you think. I had that situation and took each slat and positioned flat on a piece of wood (the rougher the wood the better for friction with the slat). I then hit it with a grinder with 40-60 grit flap disc and most of it just broke off cleanly. I was done in about 15 minutes.

Sorry Nelson, Don’t mean to hijack your topic. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Damn those are nice! But I’m a hobbyist at most as I’m retired and just do side work when I feel like it :rofl:

Ya me too, but I have this sickness. I want all of this stuff even if I don’t :face_with_peeking_eye: need it!


Quick update, decided I’d cut some of those underside slats with the left over stuff and that’s when I found out the reason for my cut height issue yesterday was a binding Z axis.

Jogged it through now it’s not catching -

The problem now being the tab cut outs on the table are slightly beveled and a hair too small; about 1/32" on the underside so I’ll grind down the tabs on these 3 slats for now.

Then for the rest, I’m going to remove 1/16" off each side of each tab in the drawing so they can fall right in.


Here’s the revision, but rather than waste an entire 3/16" piece at 2" x 19" I revised the tabs and will only cut a 3-tab length part of the slat out of clean scrap.

This will be perfect for test fitting -

With that said, it’s fair to say the file on Fireshare is good to go. Was my own fault for not pausing my cutting and fixing the Z axis issue.

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If someone does want to make custom size welding table learn how to use rectangular patterning in fusion. I did video on this a few weeks ago if you haven’t already seen it. It’ll save you lots of time.


Think someone posted your link elsewhere; I’ve done circular patterning on Draftsight, just didn’t know the commands for doing so on Fusion.

Will come in handy, thanks!

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Forgot I even posted this here.

An update; the slat I modeled above worked perfectly well. So well I went ahead and cut the rest -

I mean hell, they interlock so well I can turn it over and it won’t fall out -

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. When you cut these table top fixtures out on laser, they’re on point (obviously). For plasma, just about all plans specify the need to ream the holes out.

Given the issue I had during my table top cut out, I am surprised just how damn near close it gets to fitting this 5/8" stop -

A few seconds and a small run with the reamer -

And she’s perfect -


nice work…well done

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All in it cost me $44 bucks; $30 for the steel and $14 for the reamer (gift card for $5)

Making a few small mounts on the remainder of the 3/16" will net me back most of that cash making this whole thing practically free

Not sure if I want to use some of the 15’ of 2" x 3" rectangular tubing I’ve had laying around all year long left over from another job. Need to weld up some legs together for this thing…


And this is what $158 gets you

2’ x 3’ at 3/8" thick, laser cut holes with 2" centers

Weighed almost 100lbs