Welding frame for strength?

I have been reading that bottom shelves should be floating style. And using casters can cause legs to go out of square.

Has anyone welded the legs to prevent it?

I replied to you in your other thread…welding it can make a permanent mess on the table structure…


all of the industrial machines are welded. Many add weight too with sand, cement, even the MR1.

But I would suppose manufacturers that weld legs/frames also have industrial jigs/fixture tables that hold everything in the precise alignment while welding and the cooling of the weld. If you could create such a situation (and you might very well be equipped) I believe you would be able to weld and maintain this balance of design.

If a person assembled the table and then welded without any stabilization, then I agree with @toolboy: a mess!


I agree with that. But, we are also blessed by Langmuir with the affordable ARCFlat tables… so mine is going to get a nicely welded frame. :slight_smile:


I have a fab table as well, that is why I wan to weld it

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I hesitate to even write this (this is the point that my wife would say “Well Jim, just don’t say it!”)…But:
I think you will be fine, but

Worse case scenario: you table is off a smidge and you can reproduce the deviation. You need your drawing to be “balls on accurate” so you draw your sketch with the deviation built in to compensate. Not ideal, but you could make it work.

You would eventually go crazy trying to always stay on track with all the variables. You would buy the XR and sell you table to an unsuspecting person. Hopefully, they will go to Langmuir FB group to get their counseling. :upside_down_face:


Made me laugh out loud!! :joy::rofl::joy:

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Jim its plasma cutting there is no balls accurate! :rofl:


Custom brackets that have adjustability is way to go if you want extra strength and lower shelf.