Water Table Question

Has anyone tried this recipe for fluid on the water table:

1/4 pound of sodium nitrite powder
1 teaspoon of Physan 20
1 oz Ultramarine blue or green food grade dye
Mixes with and treats 75 gallons

Why??? Buy plasma green 9010 or the other brands of water table additive, why can’t people get this through their heads…don’t chance your health with home concocted brews.

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If you search nitrite up above there is 22 previous topics about The homebrew recipe.

I’ve tried plasma cool.

I’m currently using KCI.

And next I’m going to try some Sterling cool.

There’s a topic started about cutting table fluid and I linked all the msds’s I’ll see if I can find it.


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Yes, been using that formula for past year or more. Made a gallon concentrate and then use about 10-12 oz from the concentrate for the 2x2 table pan. It works fine. No rust issues. In the process of cleaning out the table again, soupy and brown. I keep several 5 gallon plastic hedpacks bought from Amazon with clean fluid and add as needed from evaporation or air blowing liquid out.

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Skip the food coloring completely. It just stains your fingers and does nothing else.

Food coloring is so diluted that by the time it’s in the pan, it does not discolor anything.

There is a difference between nitrate and nitrite, referencing Tinwhsiperer’s post that for some reason quoted replies don’t get added.

Nitrite is what I meant to say I’m going to correct it.

The difference is one less oxygen atom and a vowel.

Looks like nitrate only comes up 7 times in the search usually with the word NOT beside it.

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you will find that this does not affect aluminum at all…and there is zero greasy feel…
I drain my table often through a filter…and every time I refill the water is clear enough to see the bottom of the pan…
even after cutting…an hour later it all settles…

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Difficult to import liquids into the Caribbean, I been using the nitrite DIY recipe from day one …no issues and it’s cheap.

Just to add my .02,

i dont add anything, been meaning to but why?

I have run a wire edm for way too long, key to no flash rust (in a typical humidity area) is as soon as part is done, blow off the water, and wipe off the dry carbon layer that was repostioned by the dirty water. Clean dry rag.

So now part doesnt have extra loose carbon to flash rust, fingerprints are real and chemically some folks rust parts some dont.

If you take away the easily oxidated water layered carbon, makes life easier.

Not perfect but good short term fix.

Disclaimer…yada yada