Water table is leaking

could not agree more with frazer28. i’m certainly no expert when it comes to caulking, but i used to be a plumber so i’m familiar with it. 2 or 3 leaks are to be expected but this thing is sprouting leaks left and right. i’m plugging it like a cartoon character and making no headway. its even leaking from some of the self drilling screws. i’m really confused as to how this design was ever signed off on. i’ve had the XR built for over a week now and am getting sick of the constant fill, drain, plug cycle so am i just going to have to accept a couple of constant leaks in order to use this thing?

One thing a lot of pro table people done is weld them.

Have you considered welding?

My guess is it was designed this way for shipping purposes.

it’s a little too late to consider that, already installed it. i dont want to risk damaging the table pieces or frame by prying them apart. i get that it was designed this way for shipping purposes but the consideration should be for actual utility. it’s just unreal that a company send instructions for assembly, but the best option is to disregard them because of a serious design flaw.

did most folks disregard the instructions for how to assemble the water table?

I see where some people have had problems and some did not. Mine did not leak, i put a heavy bead on and let it squeeze out and did not try to clean it up. Mine also cured for a few weeks while I slowly put it together. I made sure table was level and square before installing the water table. I had lots of caulk left over so you could always take it back apart and try again. Not sure if heat would help to get the sealant let go or not. One thing you don’t want if you re do it is too tweak the flanges.

As far as screws go did you run the screw in then take it back out to get rid of any burr that might have came up during the drilling operation?
I tightened my screws until i could see the rubber washer squeeze out not any more.
Hope you get it figured out as its a really nice table I think

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Not sure what you mean? I did what the instructions said and mine is fine

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@andrewgc We are constantly assembling units in-house that we sell as local pickup units and we’ve never had a problem with water table leaking (we perform leak testing on them before they get picked up). We provide much better Marine grade adhesive for CrossFireXR compared to Pro/XF and it really should hold extremely well (Marine Goop gets almost has hard as epoxy when it cures fully after a few days). As others have said the installation has to be done EXACTLY per the instructions in
order to get things to work properly. I’m thinking that a video in the assembly manual could be extremely helpful to show folks the best practices to use when applying the adhesive and installing the sheet metal screws. We are always looking for continuous improvement and I think this will be a big value add for folks moving forward. Thanks for the feedback.


Total garbage, I’ve quit posting because id be here all the time. Thought it was finally fixed, nope sprung another leak. That was 2 weeks ago, walked to my shop today and another spot started leaking. Looks like a house with roof leaks everywhere, buckets all under the table.

I even went as far as to apply the caulk to both sides of the flanges before bolt up. Not an expert but when the caulk squeezes out top and bottom I believe i applied plenty.

I understand.

If you unhooked all electronics why could it not be welded in place ?
I understand it isn’t the best case but better than leaks.

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Well if you keep trying to seal it the same and get the same results and the same leaks continue then I am sure you know your just wasting you time. If you want to fix it take one pan loose and take a heat gun to it and see it it will come loose. You need to try something different.
I know your frustrated but coming and saying its complete garbage is not a very good way to get someone to respond. Now if everyone’s table leaked then I might agree its garbage.


Trying to weld it after being caulked would make a mess of it.

I understand but you can remove as much as possible. Just coming from the idea when you have to cut an weld on mining equipment. The grease and rubber seals make your job harder. Keep in mind removing parts to further repair.

Not fun but can be done. Just a suggestion I know I would before I dealt with constant leaks.

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i don’t doubt you guys have no problem, i’ve got no reason to disbelieve you. i did follow the instructions exactly, even spread out the assembly over a few days to ensure that i was doing it right and not rushing. perhaps a video would help, it seems that following the instructions exactly didn’t work in mine and a couple others’ cases. it’s very frustrating to deal with. again, it isnt just one or two leaks - it’s several, far more than would be considered acceptable, considering my personal experience with caulk/machine assembly. i’m no novice. it just seems like a really poor design to me, especially considering only the two drains and the quarter inch rise of the drains. thank you for your response, i’m just going to keep filling and draining and caulking until it works as it’s supposed to.

what i mean is that i did what the instructions said and mine is not fine. glad it worked out for you!

The leaks that were present were sealed it’s just that more appear in different spots. Obviously you can tell by my posts I’m not happy, this is more to warn others. Once I figured out the settings the cut has been good.

You are correct it could be welded. I would never weld it unless it was disassembled ,cleaned and ground bare. Big difference when you need you weld to be water tight

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Please Don’t take it like I am being ugly. If anyone wants leaks to stop and the epoxy isnt working. I myself would fix the leak. I don’t like changing buckets. If it is welded right it will in theory be water tight much longer than the epoxy.

On another note if epoxy didn’t seal and you don’t completely take apart and redo. It’s just lipstick on a pig. If it not done right you have to completely redo.


Well said!

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I don’t understand all of the complaining about the water table like it’s a fatal flaw in the table. It’s not just this thread or OP but it’s been going on for a while. I knew exactly what I was getting before I bought it because I did my homework as did a lot of others on this forum. I knew it was two-piece, I knew people had issues putting it together and it leaking. I think it’s mostly assembly error but the design is obviously a compromise between the cost of the part and the cost of shipping. I am new to fabrication as a hobby but even I with limited skills chose to tig weld it and it doesn’t leak. After reading a lot of these posts I’m confident I could have put it together as designed and had a pretty good chance of being leak free.

With that said, stop frustrating yourselves and go get a 1 piece water table bent up and problem solved. I will likely do that at some point as I don’t like the way it drains. The other choice is to buy a way more expensive table probably more than double your CF Pro. This is a great tool but you have to know that it’s not a $7500 table when you buy it!

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I think it’s pretty stupid to accuse people of not being satisfied with a product they spent over $6000 on, when a key aspect of it doesn’t work. I’m so proud of you for being certain you could do it right, but the reality is some of us followed the instructions, and got bad results. That’s the situation here and your response is completely unnecessary. I’m trying to figure out how to make this work without multiple leaks, that’s the reason for posting. I’m not blowing off steam.