Water table drain assembly

I haven’t received my crossfire pro yet but I think I’m going to try this drain valve. Not sure if it will work.

it should work…but if you install that right on the pan you will have a big lip to deal with inside the pan.

why not install a sink drain and then just put a vale under that…

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Sink drains are 1 1/4 inch but your right about the nut being raised. I might check on a boat drain assembly.

I used a 3D printed dimple die…

And then used these for a larger drain hole…

Used disk sander to reduce the thick of the top flange to match thickness of the bungs that came with the table.

I would have gone with the welded sink drain option, but not confident enough in my TIG skills yet.

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true…but you can easily reduce it down to any size of valve.

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Just thinking out loud, maybe this belongs in its own thread, but-----
Has anyone ever pulled up some slats when the table was empty, and dropped down the torch holder, and just used the pro to blast bigger drain holes into its own pans? Seems like it should work, and be a lot easier than watching a hole saw dance around, and cheaper than buying an 1 1/4 step drill.

Just wondering. May try it myself to upgrade the drains on my next clean out. Pretty sure I can make some dimple dies with the pro out of 1/4 scrap plate and misc hardware laying around here.

If someone has tried and failed please let me know before I screw up my pans. Lol

Yes someone on this site did cut their drain holes the way you want to, it worked out for them.

yes…a few people have done this…worked well…

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Here is link to pics what I did to modify pan All cut on pro. I used standard drain sent with pro. Could cut bigger hole and make bigger die

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