Water issue or something else or just normal?

I cleaned my water table today and saw this fairly permanent reminder of the 19" 11 gauge circle I had cut earlier in the week…Hypertherm 45xp, 125ipm, 45 A.

Did not enough water cause this, something else, or is this just a normal result.

How full was your table?

Probably 9 gallons. bellow the top level of the slat support angle. I’ve never seen anywhere that lists the specs on how much water you should use. More than 9 gallons and it seems to splatter a lot.

You should have about 15 gallons in there. Splashing water is going to happen, but it’s better than cutting through the water pan.


When you don’t have enough water in it the jet of air can completely uncover the bottom of the tray. You always want to have the water table as close to full as possible.

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