Voltage display

I have played with pierce delay and gone both ways - torch will not fire, or torch will fire and stop. The error display mentions having the proper voltage. Is this where I should see the voltage during a cut? I’m getting 0.0 all the time.
Voltage question

A second question. If you want to start a cut at the edge how does THC make the initial adjustment?

Yes, the Live box will show what voltage THC is reading. It will vary depending on what material / thickness you are cutting. A reading of 0 leads me to believe there is an issue with the VIM, wiring, or both. Are you connected via live voltage or divided voltage?

To answer your 2nd question - THC is not involved until the cut is in process, usually after the first .25" of cutting. IHS establishes your initial cut and pierce heights. On a edge cut, I’ll typically position the nozzle just off the plate, where the shield will still make contact.

I disabled THC, ran a cut, and got the voltage.
You mentioned the shield making contact. I’m new, but I thought the torch was mounted without the shield (which is what I’ve done). With my torch the shield extends 0.065 meaning that with it installed I could not get closer than that.

That shield is for hand torch cutting. You don’t need it for CNC cutting.


That is not a shield. As mentioned above, it is a standoff for hand cutting and is not used at all for CNC cutting.