Vim box location

Has anyone installed the VIM box on the inside of their plasma cutter? I couldn’t find any posts on here describing installing the VIM box inside of the cutter. My plasma cutter has a cnc port but no internal voltage divider, If I want the internal voltage divider I would have to purchase the upgraded full feature cnc interface kit which is $250 and the only benefit would be a cleaner install. I have more then enough space inside the plasma cutter to mount the vim box. The cnc port is a amp cpc connector and there is empty spaces in the connector where I could pin the output from the vim box to the cnc port and it would allow me to have one nice cable from the plasma cutter to table electronics and if for some reason I wanted to use the plasma cutter for hand cutting I could take it with me without the vim box hanging on the outside of the unit.

My only concern would be the possibility of some type of electrical interference due to the vim box being inside the plasma cutter. The vim box is getting raw arc electricity anyways so I don’t think it would really matter. Any input is appreciated, I would like to hear from anyone who has done it.

If that is what you want to do it should be fine. Just make sure you secure it so it don’t come lose and fall into the plasma cutter causing something to short out. Also make sure it is not blocking air flow from the fans over the heat sinks that keep the plasma cutter electronics cool.