Vice Stops for Langmuir Low Profile Vice

I do a lot of tiny parts, mostly 4 at a time. Here are some vice stops if anyone wants to try them out. My Langmuir vise already had m6 tapped holes in the sides of the fixed jaw. I could not find any 4 inch long thin parallels anywhere, so I made these vice stops wide enough to accept the 6 inch long parallels between the vice stops.
Here are the models:
Short Vise Stop.f3d (1.3 MB)
Long Vice Stop.f3d (1.3 MB)


Totally awesome! I’m going to make these. Last one I made I added plastic washers for preload so positionally in X it was stiff but in Z/Y I could move them out of the way by hand.

I agree on the awesome, going to make some myself.

I bought these 4" parallels from Amazon and they work well enough:

I have basically the same set as yours. But I could not find any thin ones (1/32" thick) that were 4" long.

hey man, love the idea! want to make a set myself, what rod/screws were used? Thanks!

I used m6 just because I had some on hand, but you could use any size threaded rod you have laying around.

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These are pretty slick. The M6 threads tapped into the vice - might be a good idea to make some simple spacers and longer bolts for longer parts. For example - I’m running 10" long raw stock, these vice stops wont accommodate the raw stock without it being super lop sided. If there was a basic spacer and longer bolt addition - that’d accommodate the raw stock.

10/10. Very well done!

I also made a handful of these 1/4-20 threaded blocks. Just install them anywhere there are needed.


Absolutely great ideas! No idea why but I failed to realize it was just all thread lol. Would you be willing to share the 3d file for the vice itself? I’ve been trying to find an exact model so I can work on a soft jaw design but I’ve only been able to find similar vices, none exactly the same. Thanks!

I got this model off this forum. I can’t remember who I leeched it from, but it’s in here somewhere.