VCARVE Post Processor

We are a makerspace that is able to get a pro Vcarve license makerspace edition at a discount. Vcarve isn’t intended for Plasma, but there are some simple work arounds with good results. We wrote a post processor for vcarve and checked against the same file processed with fusion and we get the same code. Out machine is a 24 x 24 crossfire pro, using crossfire as the control system and no z-height auto adjustment. So far we have had no issues, and vcarve is a much lower barrier to plasma cnc than Fusion 360. Use at your own risk. If you find it usefull and want to make a small donation to our non profit makerspace. Thank YOU!

Post processor file and tool path instructions attached. Correction… New users can’t upload files. Maybe soon. Email me and I can send you the zip

Nice. I agree VCarve is easier for folks to get into than F360. It’s primarily designed for CNC mills (routers) but for 2 dimensional stuff like signs and flat parts, that’s not a problem. Have used it for years with a Shopbot but hadn’t really thought to use it for the Crossfire.

I use VCarve export to dxf and then sheetcam, I find it to be the best combination for me.

I find some of the drawing tools to be easier, as that is what I work on for my other CNC tooling.

I use Vcarve PRo all the time for my CNC mill and would like to use it for my plasma. This is great. Is it difficult to add the commands to run automatic height controller? (THC)

Post Processor and Tutorial on Git Page

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