USB Shorted - Please help (solved)

New machine setup. Will not pass the live voltage test. USB shorted to slats.

Removed it from leg and checked all troubleshooting. Nothing resolved it.

Narrowed down the USB short to the IHS white wire. If I test with that cable off the live voltage test works fine. traced wires on IHS cable and they appear correct and internally also.

machine works fine without the THC on. But obviously want that to function.

What plasma torch are you running?

How did you hook up your THC wires for voltage measurement? Raw or divided?

Did you pass the THC test? What kind of voltage was it reading during the test?

Are you using the USB cable that came with the kit?

Are you using a laptop or a desktop? If it’s a laptop are you unplugging your during the cut?

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Using titanium. Using divided and getting good voltage that makes sense when calculating 73:1.

As mentioned USB is grounded out. Fails voltage test.

Unplug the ihs cable or white wire that is involved and then test passes.

Positive everything is hooked up correct. Somehow the ihs is grounding out the USB.

Laptop unplugged… Tried two different ones with same results. Stock USB supplied.

Machine runs great without THC on. With THC it fires and shuts off because no live voltage.

Cleaned z-axis but machine is brand new. Only cut without THC few small brackets to test it. Again that worked fine.

Voltage at leads and everything checks out.

Ref to ground 4.6v

A1 to ground couldn’t get anything.

Resistance with USB is 6.4ohms. unplug the IHS and resistance goes immediately to 15k ohms.

What’s the good voltage you are getting?

This is a question for anyone else with the titanium 45.
Is anyone else out there having any success running divided voltage instead of raw voltage from the titanium 45?

This is a forum topic from a few years ago where it’s being discussed hooked up with Raw.

If you search “titanium raw” or “titanium divided” in the magnifying glass above there’s a few topics that cover use of Raw voltage.

Resolved the problem. I traced it to like I said the IHS cable and down to the white wire. After taking a break and getting something to eat…went back out and was sitting there and looked up and remembered that I put in the screws to hold the cables. Upon a closer inspection I saw the one screw head had pinched a wire…bingo. Unscrewed it and it just cut thru enough to hit the shielded cable on the IHS which is the white wire…taped it up and all is good.

Been cutting all night loving it. Unreal compared to how I used to do things.

Anyone needing Corvette Parts I’m your guy. Have complete conversion from IRS rears to solid axle for drag racing. Been hand building them for years for guys all over the world. C4 Corvettes.

Thanks and as I learn - hope I can help others out.


I will mark this as solved for you…in the future you can do this yourself…
glad to see you found the issue and you shared the result…

happy metal burning!!!