Usb cable length

I am wondering if there is a max length for the usb cable for the laptop to the electronics? I would like to put my laptop on the bench, which is on the opposite end of the table from the electronics box. I just dont want to cause any issues.

The standard cable is 6 ft. But any good quality USB cable can be used (I had a longer one for the original Crossfire). Just make sure it’s a good manufacturer (not Skyvalue Chinbox Cable or something like that :slight_smile: ).

You need one with a Type A connector on one end and a Type B on the other. It’s a USB 2 spec so that means it can only be 5m (about 16 feet) maximum. You can get extenders and powered hubs for longer ones but you shouldn’t need that for your purposes.

I like the new Pro laptop stand location - high enough to use standing and above the water spray :slight_smile: so I haven’t moved my laptop. I do take the stand off when I roll the table away though - I replaced the hinge bolts with pins so I can pull them and pop the stand off. I also pull the cable boom off so I can lay that on the table and then I can put the cover on so it doesn’t pick up garage gunk.

My USB cable goes from my laptop to my table, 15 feet away. The cable is 20 feet long.

Gives me a lot of flexibility.

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I am looking for a longer cable as well, before installing the THC upgrade while using Mach 3 i had a 10m USB cable running my table which worked perfectly however that same cable will not work on the upgrade but i need a longer on than the one supplied by Langmuir any suggestions would be good please.

buy a good name brand cable like belkin. i had that same issue, 15’ cable worked fine on the OG but not on the pro.

I’ve got a 50’ cable going to a second computer in the house. No problems at all.

running the table?

Yes, it can fully run the table.