Upgrade Razorweld 45 To New X45 Torch?

I just saw the e-mail from Langmuir about their updates to the Razorweld 45 with the “X45” torch, and I was wondering if anyone here has gotten their hands on one of those torches to compare it to the one that originally came with the machine?

I’m managing to make decent cuts with my Razorweld 45 currently, but in a lot of cases, the cut quality leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to backside dross. Just wondering if that new torch would be an easy option to switch to for an increase in cut quality.

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts!

We just shipped the first new Razorweld 45’s yesterday so so far no one is likely to have it. However, I have been doing a lot of cutting with them and I am really impressed compared to the old style torch. These torches produce great edge angularity and the consumables last a lot longer.

I cut this flange out the other day from 1/2" plate: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzJKCAQghX9/

The other benefit of the new machines is that they have CNC port so the plasma cutter doesn’t require internal splicing anymore.



Thanks for the quick reply!

I saw that picture, and I agree that the cut looks really great. Since I already have the Razorcut 45 with the old style torch, is there any way to upgrade to this new torch on my current machine? Or, even better, is there a way to install the new tip and electrode parts in the old handle? A quick look at the pictures makes it seem like the plastic housing is the same, so just changing internal parts might be possible and affordable.

Looking forward to your reply.

Where can I find these pictures? I’m one of the early, pre-Crossfire owners of the RWCut45 and have been debating between upgrading to a machine torch and/or upgrading the cutter itself. This would be another option.

This is a screen grab from the e-mail they sent out earlier this week about the new cutter options:

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Oh nice, wonder if there will be any sort of trade-in program available for us old-timers :slight_smile:

I’ve loved my RW and feel it’s gotten a bad rap, and the only reason I’ve considered upgrading is the duty cycle numbers at 45 Amps. Admittedly I have had several 5+ minute cuts at full bore and never once incurred a thermal shutdown.

Speaking of which, do we know what the duty cycle is at 40 and 35 amps? Most manufacturers post their 100% duty-cycle ratings, but RW only posts theirs at maximum amperage.

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I’ve set my pause between Pierce points to 3 seconds. This gives me time to clear tip ups and allow cool down of machine and tip on long cut times.

LANGMUIR said they will offer the new torches in about 6-7 weeks

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That’s smart, never thought of that. Of course then I’d be sweating my compressor (30 gallon HomeDepot 115v) losing all of it’s pressure by adding more post-flow time.

Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to suggest @langmuirsystems to update their FAQ with real-world information regarding compressors. The reason is I feel many prospective buyers sweat whether or not a 115V compressor will work with the CNC to the point of not purchasing (I was one of them), and I feel a lot of that fear is misguided. Introducing another dedicated 220V outlet, the added cost of the compressor, and the floor space, is probably seen as a large barrier for many.

For example I have a $300 Husky 30 Gallon 115V compressor. It will fill the tank to approximately 170psi and then re-start at 120psi. My longest cuts on the crossfire are generally in the 10 minute range, and in such instances I’ve never seen the compressor tank below 110psi. That 5.3cfm compressor vs 6.7cfm requirement seems scary, but in reality you’ve got quite a large buffer before the PSI drops to the point where it matters.

I don’t see how having a large-sized 115V compressor would ever be an issue unless you’re running in a production environment, which is probably fine for 90% of Crossfire users.

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I 100% agree with this and it is a good suggestion. I run my table at home on a small 110V air compressor. I’m not doing production work so its fine.

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So, the new torches will be available for purchase separately from the machines in the near future?

What about the possibility to retrofit the current handle / housing with new parts instead of buying a whole new torch with hoses and all?

Yes they’ll be available on our website- Razorweld is still working with their manufacturer to get a lead time for us. I am hoping it will be just a few weeks.


Do you know if we will be able to get a cut chart with the new x45 torch?

I’ve been contemplating doing a full test on my own and publishing it. One with the tips the current cutter is made for (IPT) and the ones they weirdly sell (S45) the cutter :slight_smile:

But then there are days I think I’m going to upgrade so why bother.


Is the new X45 torch compatible with Hypertherm Powermax 45 consumables? That would be handy if they are. Trying to figure out what plasma cutter to go with before I pull the trigger on a crossfire. The crossfire bundle on the shopping site makes the Razorweld look really appealing cost-wise.

I got a RW back in the end of May from you guys. It already had the CNC port in. What are the chances I got a new style?

You can tell by the style of consumable on the torch. If the parts on your torch look like this, then you still have the old style.


Never seen a Trafimet S45 on a RW45 like your showing

@wwmotorsports i spoke with sales people at jasic and they told me i could order the new torch through fastenal and other vendors currently. I just ordered last wed. And haven’t heard back about when It will be here so not sure how long it’s going to take. The part number is UBHY45-6-CC13. The torch is $399 and a variety pack of consumables is $100. I’ll let you know when mine comes in maybe y’all won’t have to wait 6-7 weeks

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I can’t see any advantage to changing the torch out on the RW 45 unless your adding a CNC machine torch. With all the different cutting tips/nozzles from 20 to 50 amp in shielded and non shield what more would you need?

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They are compatible with the HT 45 consumables

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