Updates Causing Issues? THC active = problems

I use the table all the time, works great. Everything is clean, dry, almost brand new Hypertherm 45XP, etc. Just recently it is not cutting at all with THC active. I have checked all the normal things, and it cuts completely fine with THC disabled. When enabled, it will arc and either immediately stop, or cut a very short distance then stop.

Could this be due to any recent update? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Likely not anything do with a recent update. Have you done the THC health check? What votlage do you read during a straight line test cut?

I ran the THC test and it reads around 250v. Even with the plasma cutter AND table turned off.

FireControl reads:
250v when everything is hooked up
0v when the input is unplugged
300v when the output is unplugged, but the input is plugged in.
If I unplug the output wire and simply hold the end of it, that 300v rapidly counts down to about 30v

During a cut, with THC, it quickly jumps to 300v and then stops.
Without THC, although greyed out, the reading jumps from 250 to 300v but cuts great.

Everything is stationary and nothing has changed with the wiring for the last several thousand pierces and cuts. It has been running great, we cut a few small plates Monday, then when cutting yesterday this problem was there.

I believe there may be a hardware issue here- for documentation purposes can you create a support ticket? Our team will help you troubleshoot 1 on 1.

My first thought, though is that it could be a bad THC board, but the team will troubleshoot with you further. For now, do your best to get by with THC turned off.

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Will do, thank you.