Up Filling tank

I’m just assemblling my system and came across this method. Does anyone use this method of air over water to fill the tank? Does it work well? where would I get the tank?
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I believe I have heard of someone doing that. The beauty of the small pump is that the intake can be held up from the bottom and the sludge/sediment stays in the bottom so the fluid is reasonably clear that they are pumping.

It is possible you could achieve a similar situation but I wonder if there might be more agitation of the fluid and lower layer. I am just thinking out loud. I have no dog in the hunt.

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@toolboy has a system like that


Here is another example from @Bigdaddy2166 There are several on the forum that have done it with various tanks

Oops I think you were asking about using compressed air… regardless bigdaddys setup is worth looking at!



I used a 25 gal alum fuel tank. Modified it with 120 v diaphragm pump. Turn the three way valve and you can fill it or empty the pan.