Twitch (and youtube) Live Streams CAD CAM

I just started an account 12 days ago

I’m hoping to figure out how to tandem stream through my broadcasting software so I can stream both on YouTube and twitch at the same time.

If there’s any topic above that you’d like seen moved over to YouTube let me know I have them all saved to my computer.

I normally live stream quite early in the morning when I do live stream.

I was thinking about doing a scheduled live stream in the future about monograms.

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Are you using OBS?

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Yes I’m using obs.

Apparently in August YouTube lifted the band on dual streaming from twitch…

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Stream 5:45 am mst

Streaming Langmuir forum questions.

Talking about templating in Fusion 360 CAM

Topics Discussed

and at 28 mintues

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Beginning a live stream.


-Group Editable flow charts for Forum troubleshooting Support.

-Forum Fusion 360 CAD Questions

Here is a link to a document we can start trying this process on. I think this maybe very helpful for common forum issues

here is a example

6:30 am mst


I think that is a great idea.

But how do you keep them from becoming out of control?
Seems like someone would need to be in control and at some point lock them so they cant be messed with?
Do you keep them to the basics and if it goes beyond that they would ask for help in the forum?

I really like the idea I’m just afraid they might get out of control or maybe they cant (I’m thinking forum threads)

So how would people find them? would there be a link in the forum?

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Starting a live stream 9:25am mst

New 21:9 monitor!. Getting few file ready to cut today for stock.

New View !

21:9 center monitor. Getting few files ready to cut today for stock.

revamped my computer setup now I am thinking of cable management.

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This is screenshot of my view with the new aspect ratio. It’s too small to read anything. My screen res is 1366 x 768.

Maybe someone else can let you know their condition.

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I was wondering if it might be too small.

I can stream it from one of my other lower resolution monitors.

I want to make sure the information stays accessible.

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T W file cut at 50% 18 ga


T W file added some reindeer



Morning streaming at 5:15 am mst.

Designing a desktop wall mount hanger using sheet metal tools.

360 CAM Fusion 360 CAD and CAM for Plasma CNC.

I have been revamping my office and I want to mount my desktop up on the wall. Also Ill look at recreating some wiring management products

*well since I updated my desktop I have some bugs I have to work out. My Michonne wasn’t working and my animate avatar is also n the fritz. It didnt work out this time I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Streaming at 430 am mst today

Looking over some forum fusion issues

For some reason I ended up muted on this one again… Argh

Mic is ON.

I’ll be designing some cable ducting on the twitch live stream also on discord.

I am sick at home so I should try to accomplish something ,

12:30 pm mst

I am still working on broadcasting at a lower resolution.

Yeah, I had the phone connected on Discord and was sitting working when all of a sudden you were talking :blush:

I had no idea who the hell had taken over my phone - then after you talked a bit I figured it was you & Discord. Then I had to figure out how to cut the audio feed :scream::man_shrugging:


What a pleasant surprise.:joy:


You doing okay? I haven’t been on this site as much as normal lately as I am caring for my 88 yr old mom full-time right now, but I noticed you seem to be MIA.

I am hoping it’s just the Christmas rush got you busy.


Yes thanks, I have been sick, and I am just starting to recover.

I ve been lurking in the shadows of the forum but have felt too mentally clouded to engage for the last while.

My next week of work is going to be very changeling trying to make up for lost time but I hope to be back on track by Friday.


Sorry to hear that and I hope your bad luck is short lived and you get to feeling better.

Be careful if it’s Type A (H1N1) flu going around this year because it can be really bad. My family has had a difficult month dealing with it. Thanksgiving became our family “super spreader” event. A lady across the street died from pneumonia associated with Type A.

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