Tutorial Video on THC

Do you have any videos on how to setup you THC correctly while cutting? settings to use in the software how to tweak it for the best results ect?

That is going to vary unfortunately from plasma cutter to plasma cutter

Wouldn’t the way to figure it out and enter it in the software be the same process? I get values would all be the same but I don’t even know where to start to set it up in the software.

Unless I missed it in the instructions I’ll have another look

Hi, I am a complete newbie for plasma CNC and looking to buy one because my projects are getting more elaborate and my scrap rate is just getting higher. I am looking over the options and I am not sure what the THC does and its advantages. If there’s a description explaining how it’s used and how it’s an advantage I would very much appreciate a pointer to it. Thank you!

As a basic run down. THC is torch height control. The torch will touch the material, trigger a switch then lift to the distance you set to pierce then to cut. Saves you having to shim for each material. The biggest advantage is that if the plate is warped or warps when cutting the torch will readjust its height live when cutting. I believe it is also friendlier on consumables.

When you start cutting the software takes a snapshot of the plasma voltage and uses that as it’s basis to adjust its height to keep the voltage constant. So it will self adjust to what ever you are cutting.

There is not a lot of settings to be done for THC. Pierce height and cut height and that’s it, they are more or less a constant for most materials. Fire control software will take care of the rest.

I’m not sure if THC and the powered Z axis (torch up and down) come hand in hand. But the powered Z axis will lift the torch after each cut which is good to help avoid tip ups. It will then touch down and reset its height before each cut.

Sometimes I have a bit of 1/8” and 1/4” on the table switching files to flip back and forth. THC takes care of all the heights, other wise I would have to shim the torch each time.


Thank you Craig1!

I’d argue the ability to set an initial height for the pierce is the biggest advantage :slightly_smiling_face:

Piercing is speced to be higher (usually 2 or 3 times the cut height) than cutting height. That reduces or eliminates arc & material splashback while the pierce is getting established & cutting through. That will save your consumables - on every cut. The cutting height adjustment only helps when the material is warped which is only some cuts. Piercing is the hardest operation in terms of consumable longevity.


To be clear, this is not a THC feature per se. IHS is available with just the powered Z-Axis on the PRO.