Turned a toolbox into a welding cart

I turned an inexpensive craftsman toolbox into a welding cart with some sheet metal and a crossfire plasma table (of course). Now I need to learn how to tig weld :crazy_face:image image image


Good idea… . I may need to do the same thing.

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This was the best I could muster in a 20 minute self training session

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Looks awesome if your just starting to learn… Hope mine will look that nice. :slight_smile:

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So disclaimer I wrecked a tungsten rod while trying a few months ago. I was trying to use the pedal and I have a disability that keeps my ankles fixed at a 90 degree angle. I switched to a finger trigger for this and so in calling this my first real attempt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice cart. Clean that metal up and it’ll look better. No mil scale, oil, dust, finger prints, surface rust etc. TIG welding is so satisfying but so much work prepping the metal and joints lol.


I prepped one plate of metal I was initially beginning to practice on and then I got lazy

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For my tig machine


That looks really organize and BIG

Looks like the Everlast 210 EXT (I have the same one). It’s a good tig machine.

Also looks like someone else has OCD.

Gunny: I think I’ve taken the yellow brick road much farther then just to the end , I just don’t know when to stop I love when I can find things and not spend so much time looking for it. LOL, here are my last few projects. My wife thinks that her husband need some serious help, I told her this is my therapy.


I think you’re both right :smile:

Wow brother. That looks awesome. My wife would have me committed if I went that far. It’s my goal, but farm living doesn’t allow me to be that tidy and organized.

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My OCD wants this but my ADHD wont allow it!


Hahaha right Heath. My inner self fights with itself all the time.

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Dang… pretty sure after seeing your organization I am in need of a shop intervention.


Where did you get the wheels from? Awesome cart!

I have these same boxes and I was just thinking of doing this! what are the odds? well done, they look amazing.

Here’s a couple pics of a dual cylinder welding cart kit for a 27-in tool box my buddy and I made for is Miller 255 in March.
It’s all fabricated out of 1/8 aluminum.

IMG_20210707_155352 IMG_20210707_155337 IMG_20210707_155331 Resized_20210307_162520 IMG_20210707_155328

We ended up making different hangers for the right hand side I’ll see if I can find some pics.


I end up getting the design to fit on one 48 by 32 piece of material.

IMG_20210707_161049 IMG_20210707_161047

IMG_20210707_155404 IMG_20210707_155350

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