Trouble with linking constraints

I am having trouble getting bolt holes included in my tool path. My goal ist to cut exhaust flanges for marine diesel engines. I can get the outside of the flange and the exhaust hole in my tool path but not the bolt pattern. I dont know what i am missing here. I am trying to cut .5" plate at 95 amps with an everlast 102i. My software is fusion 360. Thanks in advance.

Are you extruding it after you’re done with the sketch?

Yes, i have. I have also been all over the map with lead in distances, angles and lead out. Added entry points. I feel like i am missing something.

What are the hole sizes and what are you using for lead in/out?

Check your Pierce clearance in addition to the lead in ,lead out, lead in radius.

It’s your second to last option in the 2D profile menu.

If you hadn’t I would consider adding some feed rate optimization to that toolpath.

If you post your f3d file I could it look through it

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Problem solved. My kerf width was the hold up. Dropped my kerf from.07 to .045 and that solved the problem.


This is partly why I bought sheetcam. It is much simpler (easier to understand) when it comes to creating the CAM file. It has error messages that most likely would have pointed out the problem. That said now that I have an understanding of the things that can be wrong I find it easier than it was to to use fusion for CAM. Yes it was an added expense to buy sheetcam but at the price of steel, I justified it. I also have seen a lot of frustrated posters on this forum some even giving up so I wanted the advantage. I’m still a newb but very satisfied with my table so far! For newbies, sheetcam is just easier to use.

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Does this mean you solved your problem with the X Axis?

If so, it would help everyone if you updated that posting as [SOLVED] and described the solution.


my apologies, the problem i solved was with my linking constraints and not being able to get the .5" holes included in my toolpath. the remedy for the toolpath was reducing my kerf width. i was not able to get the problem with my x axis solved yet. i have however switched my x driver for the z driver and i am back up running but with no z axis. as far as the x axis goes i think i am just going to order an OEM driver. so until then i am just running with no z.