Trouble with limit swtiches

I just finished assembling my Crossfire Pro today, including updating the firmware. The z-axis lead screw would not turn even through the motor was turning. I have a request into support about that. but we had some trouble with the limit switches that confused me.

We installed the limit switches per the instructions and enabled the limit switches in the software. When the gantries contacted the limited switches we got notification in the software. But, when we change the software to soft limits enabled, an error came up about the firmware and it would not let me save the X and Y data.

the coupling between lead screw and motor is loose. i cant help with the limit switches.

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Yes, the bottom screw on the coupling is completely stripped. The other 3 are tight, but I guess that’s not enough.

the couplings being loose is an all-too-common thing.

have you figured out the limit switches? i haven’t ordered them. i don’t know much about them.

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If there is any chance that you downloaded the software in November or early December, you might try again. It is the same number FireControl 1.3 firmware, but it was updated. I have had various problems and most of it was solved with re-installing the FireControl update and then restarting the computer and the table.

If it homes properly to the back/left corner you have the wires connected correctly.

Once you “home,” does it allow you to move to the extreme right (that is where you set the soft limit for x) and to the front of the table (soft limit for y)? That is the position you will be in when you are setting the soft limits. You will not set the soft limits in the home position otherwise you are telling the machine to never leave “home.”

I installed the firmware yesterday. It does not home properly either. I’m going to go out today and see what I can figure out. But … I’m not sure where to even start. Other then I’m going to tear apart the Z-axis controller and look at the coupler.

Did you perform the “reset defaults” step of the process?

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Thank you for all the replies.

Yes, I had done that. It is homing fine now. Not sure what changed. And, if I move the head into the middle of the table, enable the limit switches, it works fine. But, if I drive the head into the limit switches (gently) with the the limit switches enabled, it will not move again. that was the trouble I was having yesterday, I had the head against the limit switches and enabled the limit switches and no movement. I’m not sure if that’s a feature, and if it is, how to handle it - as the only way around it is to disable the limit switches, move off, and re-enable.

Also, the break-in program isn’t running right. It seems to be starting to far to the right and up. Where is the procedure for setting firecontrol up so it knows where proper 0,0 is? And, my X axis is very occasionally not moving (when very close to 0) and the X value is getting out of whack. Is the coupler just a little loose???

In reference to the break in program, that program was created before limit switches were available for the Pro table and it runs from the left front of the table. You need to jog the torch to the left front of the table and hit “zero work axis”. “Home” x0y0 is different than “Work” x0y0. Home will always be upper left of the table. Work zero can be anywhere on the table. You will use that Work zero to place your cut objects where you want them on the sheet of metal.

I can’t help you with the limit switch problems, because I don’t have them and don’t see a need for them in my work process.

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Thank you, very helpful. I’m comfortable with Home 0,0 is back left. So why do they set thins up for front left??? I’m going to have to get used to the steps to do before I run a part.

I pulled the Z-axis apart and them motor came right out of the coupler and then the coupler came right off of the lead screw. It hadn’t been tightened at all. One screw was clearly already stripped. Trying to tighten the rest, I stripped another. And the other two barely move. At least I know it was operator error when installing.

Due to a gap between assembly and usage, I never ran the break in program. I’ve seen it referenced, but nobody ever says what all transpired during that process. Is that all it accomplishes is setting that Home? Langmuir site just says “run it”. No explanation.

I guess because I always start my process by designating Work x0y0, I’ve never seen any negative impact if that’s all it accomplishes.

All it does is a couple of 45 degree angles. Takes a minute or two. More of a test pattern than actually doing any breaking in.

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It really in my opinion makes sure the machine can run without binding.

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It’s not really necessary at all. Its only purpose is to run the torch from front to back on a diagonal to see if it is binding anywhere. I never ran it on mine.

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Thanks for the replies. I can now take that off my CNC lack of knowledge worry list.

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