Transporting fully assembled machine

I am receiving the last box for my Pro today and am eager to start assembling my machine.
It is going in my home shop that I am currently building but the shop wont be done for another month or so.
I am considering assembling it at work then moving it later. but I’m concerned about the transportability of it and if I need to re align everything after moving, or if it is easily damaged when moving.

Has anyone had issues/problems after moving?
What preparation or precautions did you take to move it?

Thank you

I assembled mine in my garage, then 4 of us carried it 100 yards to my shed. Leveled it in the shed then started using it. Gravel floor in the shed ,. Concrete in the garage figured I wouldn’t loose things in the garage. Getting ready to empty shed to poor concrete and insulate. So it will move at least two more times.


have you used it much since moving?
no issues?

I’ve cut probably 30 to 40 parts on it a few pics posted around on forum. I got it for my personal use not to make money. The frame once put together is pretty stout. I have a friend that has one of the early plasma cam 4x4 machines. He put that on a trailer and transported it back and forth demolition derbys cutting roof signs and other things on site. Never had an issue. I think the frame on the langmuir is just as good as the plasma cam was. Once the frame is bolted together I don’t think you need to worry about it moving. If I was to transport the pro on a truck . I might try and put shims in the rail bearings to eliminate the chance of them moving during shipping. A few wooden shims pushed in on each side. But I’ve never been accused of being smart. :grin:

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You might also do something I did, even though I don’t have plans to move mine, cost me about $4.00. I bought and used locking nuts on all the 3/8 bolts that bolt the frame and rail plates together. This might help everything stay tight during transport at least it wont hurt.

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