Tramming Z-axis

My Crossfire PRO has been functional for several months now.

While I was performing the periodic check that the bolts and nuts are tight, I removed the torch mount and checked if it was perfectly perpendicular. I believe I am a bit off now, I started playing with the screws but didn’t have a good feeling.

What is the correct procedure to tram with a fully build machine? Should I loosen the X-axis lead nut assembly before I do the procedure documented at Tramming the Z-axis Slide on the CrossFire PRO CNC Plasma - YouTube ???

Yes. You should loosen the bolts holding the X-axis lead nut to the bracket. Otherwise, any movement of the carriage from adjusting the bearing will be forcing the lead nut to bend the lead screw. That nut needs to be able to float while you make the adjustments and then tighten it again.