Tracer pen or tracer for CFPRO?

Is there a tracer pen or something to trace cardboard templates and be able to cut out template that was made from cardboard to metal

I think your best bet for that is to take a photo with a ruler for scale and trace it in CAD.

There are some decent tutorials on YouTube for making parts from a photo with fusion 360. I thought this one was the simplest to follow:

I don’t know if this helps. But I have a logic tracing board. Works great. I use it all the time. Not sure if it’s within price range. But just some information to your question. Here is the link.

They have different sizes.

I have also done the picture with using a ruler. The challenge is making sure your picture is perfectly vertical and horizontal to get it accurate. Used this method before i had the logic tracing board. I got pretty good at it. But wanted to find something more effective.

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